Monday, March 2, 2015

Well this will be the last time in a while were i will have the opportunity to email as a missionary

  Well this will be the last time in a while were i will have the opportunity to email as a missionary. 
  So i was thinking of what i would be putting in this last email and i have had a real big difficulty of what i could write. The good thing is that this last week has been one of the most interesting weeks that i have had here on my mission.
   So i think i have told all of you that it seems to rain a lot here, well this week it has sure passed all the norms of usual rain storms. San Francisco flooded! YAY! well not really i don't think we should be celebrating that but we have had some real big problems due to flooding this last week. Some of the small town close to us are still under about 3 feet of water and some towns are evacuated because the town is completely under water. This part of Argentina is not really well planned so when they have problems with flooding they just send it to other small towns. So not only do the small towns get there own rain but the rain of everywhere else. San Francisco was only flooded for about a day and a half. The rain started coming down on Tuesday night and didn't stop until Wednesday in the afternoon. We were officially not able to leave that day but we had a lunch so we were able to go out and trudge through the flooded streets to get to the lunch. I have a few videos that i will be sharign when i get home. The few pictures i do have ill send.
    Anyways what i think that i could do now and what i think i would like to do so that those who may ever read this email may know of the testimony that i have received while serving the lord for the last two years.
    Two years may seem like a long time for a lot of people. They can do a lot of things. A lot of opportunities have slipped away because of the decision that i took two years ago. Not only that i decided to leave to a foreign country where i would have to learn a completely new language and just hope that i would be able to communicate with them. But something that i do know is that the opportunity that i took at this moment in my life was the best two years that i have experienced as of now.
   I have seen a lot of things during these two years. And for those who have been reading the blog maybe you have read a lot of what i have seen. But the things that i have seen of a lot further than just material belongings and experiences that are funny or maybe fin interesting, but go a lot deeper to a spiritual conversion that has made me the better man and missionary that i needed to become. I am more of a man who trusts in God instead of trusting in his own abilities. I have become a man who rarely before doing anything turns to his knees and to his god before he does any sort of decision. I have become a man who knows what true sacrifice is. I have become a man who now knows what it meant for our father in heaven to sacrifice his only son so that i may have to opportunity to be  happy. And not only that i have now become a man who knows how to truly apply the atonement of Jesus Christ in my life.
   These things that i have listed are a few of the things that maybe i have become, but truly i think the thing that i learned the most was just the fact the i truly learned how to forget myself and just serve those around me. I stopped thinking about what maybe i would want or need but just to look at my companion and the people around me and thinking to myself "how i can i serve this person today" This change of thought has made me a true disciple of Jesus Christ. I will follow him until i die.
    At this moment in my life i have made a covenant with my god and savior to never leave behind the things that i learned these last 2 years. It has been a lot and to put it all into this letter would probably make it  a lot longer than it would need to be. But what i know is true and i know that these 2 years have been the best two years. I loved the mission and i'm hoping that the day i get home i will be able to put my shoulder to the wheel again and continue to work in this great work of my father that is in heaven. I know that i can be just as Nephi was in the days of old and respond to whatever call of service and say "i will go and do the things the lord commanded" i know that i have been called to serve and now that the time is over i will have to continue in the service in a different form. I know that my savior lives and i know he has helped me in every possible way. I love you all and until next Wednesday!
     Elder Cameron Jay Cook