Monday, May 26, 2014

Another week has flown by for me here in my new area

Another week has flown by for me here in my new area. a little stressing just because a lot of things ended up passing by in my first week here. First off First week here and we had a baptism on saturday. We baptized an old lady named Segunda. She is about 79 years old and she is a super sweet old lady. She is super funny as well. She doesnt understand everything that we taught her but she does know one thing. She feels a lot happier know that she was baptized and confirmed then she was beore. She now has said that she will be coming to our church for the rest of her life. Funnier part is that she nagson my companion for acting bad a church. The funniest part was for sure after the baptism when she punched him rightin the gut for not telling her to bring a comb....haha yeah super funny. My companion Elder Martin is from Draper Utah. And he went to Alta High. He has a little under 10 months in the mission and is super cool. A super big tie addict and is super cool. we get a long really well. Something that i have found is that whenyou are in a gringo companionship you end up talking a lot more english. We talk english a lo tbut the best part of it all is that we just switch between english and spanish all the time and it just doesnt affectus anymore. It is super cool. The ward that i am in is for sure different. I went from 40 people going to church to 100 people going to church.i did feel like we filled up our chapel a lot more than from my other branch. This ward is super cool i am already falling in love with all our members. Our ward mission leader speaks a ton load of english so he speaks a lot with us in English. Him and his wife take a lot of trips up to the US so they have learned a lot. They are super cool and jsut getting to know the wrad makes me super happy because i know that i am going to get a long with everyone. To end it i guess i could just say that i love the mission. You really get to see the happiness that the gospel brings to people. I for sure saw it in more than one family this week and i am super greatful that i got to be part of it all. I love you all ElderCook

Monday, May 19, 2014

I left the nice little branch of Jardin

TRANSFERS!!!!! Yup i left the nice little branch of Jardin to a new area called Parque capital. Lets just say that it isn't really too far from where i was at before. It is actually about 25 minutes away from my old area. But in a different stake. I am now in The Estaca Oeste (West Stake) But the funny thing is the last stake center where i was at is about 2 blocks from where i am living now....hahahahahah. yeah i feel like i haven't gone too far. My new companion is from Draper Utah. his name is Elder Martin. He played soccer before the mission and this is his third area in the mission. He has about 10 months in the mission and he has been in this area for at least 1 or 2 transfers...i need to ask him that. The area that i am in is an actual ward. My first ward here in Argentinian so we will see how things turn out. From what i heard they have about 100 people attending church weekly which is a lot more than i have had in my time here in argentina. More than that i guess i could just say i am really getting used to saying goodbye to a lot of people, but there are just some families where i just couldn't help but crying like a little baby to say goodbye. I had about 4 or 5 families where it was just really difficult to say goodbye. Especially to the members that lived below us. And not just that to say goodbye to the friends that i had made. Elder Celis and Elder Mendoza left as well to other parts of the mission. They had a bigger travel day then i did like 4 or 5 hours of travel but it was for sure hard to hug them and just say goodbye. anyways i really don't have too much to say just because of a new area and all that fun stuff. but i hope that next week i have some great news about the new area and how much just changing areas can change things. I am still in the City and i am still in an area that is pretty populated so i guess i will just continue to work hard and do the work. I love you all and until next week! Elder Cook

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day does time fly....
                 so with the phone call and all that stuff now passed i realize how little time we get as missionaries. in the last week i have experienced a lot of great hings and a lot of eye opener experiences that i will try to explain in this little section of an opportunity i have.
    So we start of on monday. So we had the activity and they had a spiritual thought. i know i wrote on tuesday but something that kind of affected me throughout the week was a thought that came to mind. One of the people there said we need to have our vision in the eternities. well so i started seeing a lot of things in eternities this week and i realized how much i was lacking in the area. unfinished reports and papers, unfinished invitations to people, and just not an urgency to the work. I had realized that i had something so precious and that i really didn't understand it well enough to have the urgency. Sometimes we don't realize what we have as members of the church.
    Anyway so this week was a lot of catch up work. We ended up looking through what we were missing as a matter of our area book and we just filled everything out. Then when we completed it all we made a promise to never get behind again, so a little more work but we get it done.
  Another opportunity was the fact that we hadn't caught up on a few really positive people in our area so we did that. With that we decided to go to Bouwer and try to contact some people. We ended up having a great lesson out in Bouwer with a lady name Julia. By the end of the lesson we invited her to be baptized and she accepted. YAY! the work sure continues on.
    And finally it made me think of the relationships that i am able to experience here on the mission. First and foremost my companion. I needed to be more reliant on his experiences as well as letting him grow from the experiences and trying not to baby him as much. So it was really hard for us both. As well as i tried to have a better relationship with those around em as other missionaries and members as well. IT sure did help me realize i only have a short time to learn from the people here on the mission some only a month, some 6, and some just for a few days. but one things is for sure i am growing up a ton, and that isn't just in weight.
  Anyway. i love the mission life and today was a great day to relax a bit from the norm. We went bowling, explored down town cordoba, and spent some time with just some really good friends. The mission life is awesome. I love it and i love all of you. Hasta luego!
   Elder Cook

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It made me feel super good that i was able to be part of it

Well i don't have too much to talk about for this week. It wasn't really that big of a deal...Well that and that we changed everything about how we do the work and how we plan for our weeks. Last last week we received a new training on how our mission will be counting numbers and how it will be planning for people here on out until the end of the year. Basically they have changed all of our daily goals that we set and all our weekly goals that we set. Now a days we are more expected to work with the members and leaders of our ward or else our numbers don't show. One thing that does change is that now we are all responsible for all attendance at our church meetings. we now count less active member attendance, recent convert attendance, and investigator attendance. This first week was super interesting because the numbers that we ended up having seemed super low for a week but that was just because of a different focus. But the great thing is that this focus works. Other than that this week was just getting used to the new way of working. One thing that was cool was that yesterday we went up to the mountains to help out one of the areas in our zone. we contacted for about 3 hours and we ended up finding some of the coolest people. we found people who were ready for the gospel. one even whose mom died just 2 weeks before and was looking for answers in the bible. we read some things from the book of mormon and the next thing we know she is asking us about where the church was and at what time they meet. It made me feel super good that i was able to be part of it. Also we found a house that seemed to just have left Star Wars. If anyone remembers how the houses look like from Tatooine, that was how it was.I don't have a picture of it sadly but another missionary that i was with does and he said he will send it to me so i will have to see if he can send it to me. Well i love you all and i am sorry i don't have too much more to say but i just can't think of much to say. than i love you all and i am very thankful of what i have. At times i don't realize what i really have in my life and that i have the opportunity to share it. Elder Cook