Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It made me feel super good that i was able to be part of it

Well i don't have too much to talk about for this week. It wasn't really that big of a deal...Well that and that we changed everything about how we do the work and how we plan for our weeks. Last last week we received a new training on how our mission will be counting numbers and how it will be planning for people here on out until the end of the year. Basically they have changed all of our daily goals that we set and all our weekly goals that we set. Now a days we are more expected to work with the members and leaders of our ward or else our numbers don't show. One thing that does change is that now we are all responsible for all attendance at our church meetings. we now count less active member attendance, recent convert attendance, and investigator attendance. This first week was super interesting because the numbers that we ended up having seemed super low for a week but that was just because of a different focus. But the great thing is that this focus works. Other than that this week was just getting used to the new way of working. One thing that was cool was that yesterday we went up to the mountains to help out one of the areas in our zone. we contacted for about 3 hours and we ended up finding some of the coolest people. we found people who were ready for the gospel. one even whose mom died just 2 weeks before and was looking for answers in the bible. we read some things from the book of mormon and the next thing we know she is asking us about where the church was and at what time they meet. It made me feel super good that i was able to be part of it. Also we found a house that seemed to just have left Star Wars. If anyone remembers how the houses look like from Tatooine, that was how it was.I don't have a picture of it sadly but another missionary that i was with does and he said he will send it to me so i will have to see if he can send it to me. Well i love you all and i am sorry i don't have too much more to say but i just can't think of much to say. than i love you all and i am very thankful of what i have. At times i don't realize what i really have in my life and that i have the opportunity to share it. Elder Cook

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