Monday, May 26, 2014

Another week has flown by for me here in my new area

Another week has flown by for me here in my new area. a little stressing just because a lot of things ended up passing by in my first week here. First off First week here and we had a baptism on saturday. We baptized an old lady named Segunda. She is about 79 years old and she is a super sweet old lady. She is super funny as well. She doesnt understand everything that we taught her but she does know one thing. She feels a lot happier know that she was baptized and confirmed then she was beore. She now has said that she will be coming to our church for the rest of her life. Funnier part is that she nagson my companion for acting bad a church. The funniest part was for sure after the baptism when she punched him rightin the gut for not telling her to bring a comb....haha yeah super funny. My companion Elder Martin is from Draper Utah. And he went to Alta High. He has a little under 10 months in the mission and is super cool. A super big tie addict and is super cool. we get a long really well. Something that i have found is that whenyou are in a gringo companionship you end up talking a lot more english. We talk english a lo tbut the best part of it all is that we just switch between english and spanish all the time and it just doesnt affectus anymore. It is super cool. The ward that i am in is for sure different. I went from 40 people going to church to 100 people going to church.i did feel like we filled up our chapel a lot more than from my other branch. This ward is super cool i am already falling in love with all our members. Our ward mission leader speaks a ton load of english so he speaks a lot with us in English. Him and his wife take a lot of trips up to the US so they have learned a lot. They are super cool and jsut getting to know the wrad makes me super happy because i know that i am going to get a long with everyone. To end it i guess i could just say that i love the mission. You really get to see the happiness that the gospel brings to people. I for sure saw it in more than one family this week and i am super greatful that i got to be part of it all. I love you all ElderCook

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