Monday, June 2, 2014


     This week was filled with tough mornings, rough starts, runny noses, a lot of coughing, and being bundled up all day long. Usually when i start getting sick means that it has been getting super cold here. In the mornings we are found usually bundled up with everything we got. a blanket and sweat shirts, and sweats and taking some time to warm ourselves up. I made the mistake one day after lunch to not take a jacket and that night it got super cold. yeah the next morning i found myself with a nice old cold and with a little of a fever. it was not a fun night. But the great thing is the lord sure does bless those that are dedicated to the work so i just bundled myself up with my jacket and a scarf and got out to work. The worst part of it all though is that just as i am recovering my companion is now sick and he has to go through the same lengthy recovery. YAY FOR COMPANIONS!
    Anyway the week was super good though. We had a mission conference this week where Elder Viñas of the quorum of the 70 came to visit and he talked a lot about the atonement and how that has affected us as missionaries. Super spiritual experience and i was super more excited to apply all the things that he taught. Another part of the conference though was the office put together a little choir of 12 people together to sing for the conference. Well lets just say word has been spilling around that i sing so i was chosen to sing for the choir. And not only that i was chosen to sing a special number of Be Still my Soul in a quartet. The only thing was i was chosen to sing tenor...well if you read the above statement...i am going to say that having a cold and tenor just doesn't mix. I was super worried about singing. The part was decently high and i had a hard time, but i was blessed with a clear throat just for the two songs and then returned back to being sick again. Lords Tender Mercies.
    A cool spiritual thing about this week was we ended up having two super cool lessons with 2 different guys. Both basically accepted to be baptized and both committed going to church. For one reason or another neither came to church but the lessons were super cool and super spiritual. THe things that i learned during the lesson was that the spirit teaches a lot more than i ever can. All i do is just speak words sometimes not even the most eloquent words. I just speak spanish and the next thing you know they are testifying to me about how these things could change and affect their life. I love being a missionary.
    Anyways i love you all and i hope that this next week i get to give everyone a little bit better news and even better spiritual experiences to talk about.
       Elder Cook

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