Monday, June 23, 2014

People just have crazy futbol fever

Well another week has passed by and the transfers are coming up again. I am starting to feel that something big is going to go down but of course i never seem to know what those feeling really mean. We will be learning on saturday so i am pretty sure i am staying but for all i know i may be getting a new comp next monday. But for all we know we will see.
   The world cup has still been going on and people just have crazy futbol fever. No one lets you really in when a game is going on. You have to plan really well to have the opportunity to talk to people without some sort of interruption. The one thing that is super crazy though is the Argentine games. as much as Argentina isn't doing that well, everyone still shuts down just to watch the game. I have never heard a city go so dead until the games start. You see empty buses and empty streets that would usually be just bustling with activity. It is for sure a weird experience. but the coolest thing is just to hear a whole country scream goal the few seconds that goes by when someone gets a good goal in. I do say i feel the soccer spirit with my time here.
    Talking about the soccer spirit...while i was playing soccer this week in the streets with some kid, i got a big old congratulations by a low laying tree trying to get the ball out of the feet of an attacker. this guy not only stole the ball from me but as well when i turned around to follow him a ran my head into a tree. I felt up in pain took my hand away and realized i was bleeding a bit. the cut wasn't even that big or deep but it crossed the hairline on my left side. It didn't take too long to seal up but the little kids freaked out when they noticed i had a cut on my forehead. It was pretty fun.OH The mission.
 Other interesting experiences of the companion is a master hair stylist...well not really but he has cut his own hair ever since the beginning of his mission. So one day a recent convert asked him who cut his hair, he said he did it himself and then she asked him to cut the hair of her 2 year old kid. Lets just say two year olds are not the best at sitting still.Not only was there a lot of times were he made some mistakes but to try to get him to calm down the mom started to breast feed him to cool him down. My comp was really weirded out by that one. But right before he finished he was resting and the kid flailed his head into the machine and took out a huge chunk of hair. SO they ended up having to cut a lot more than what was planned. It was a pretty funny moment for us all.
   anyways that adventures just keep growing and everyday i just get to love more and more the mission. i am so grateful for this experience and i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I love you all and talk to you all soon.
   Elder Cook

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