Monday, June 9, 2014

things are starting to get rolling

 Week four of the new transfer and things are starting to get
rolling. Just yesterday i had a super cool meeting with all the new
district leaders in the mission and i can say that i absolutely love
my mission president. He is just a super cool and legit guy that knows
a lot about the gospel. i guess when you were a seventy and then being
a mission president does give you a few cool experiences to see the
gospel in everyones lives. He is super down to earth and really does
just have a pure desire to help us in the lords work and he knows how
to speak and teach. I would love one day just to see him teach one of
the missionary lessons.
   so this last week i had a little taste of home. Our ward mission
leader is a super cool guy first off. Him And his wife take a bunch of
trips to the united states and bring things back from the US that they
love and always have a ton. So first off...he knows how to make root
beer...i drank my first glass of root beer since i was in Florida and i
dont really remember drinking that too much because i preferred water
or gatorade. but can i just say that i really miss root beer. i didnt
realize it until i took my first glass. i had three that day and i
almost died. Yeah i miss some food from the US.
   My new comp is absolutely awesome. We are getting a long super well
and he is sure helping me out not to get too stressed out. he helps me
out with ideas on how to help the district and ways that i myself
could just improve. For example these last couple of weeks my
companion was telling me that i should play around with my hair a
little to make it seem like i actually care about how i
look...apparently i didnt before hahaha. so he did just that. We
played around with my hair and found that the side swipe was the way
to go. so you may notice a change in hair due in the pictures that i
   The area is super sick we have found some really cool people and we
are working with one family that hasn't come to church for the last 10
years. When i first got their i was told by her and the ward that the
family had absolutely no desires to come back to church due to an
incident that happened in the past with her kids. But recently the
whole family has showed desires to come back to church and not just
that but in that time there have been a lot of people who now are old
enough to be baptized who weren't before. This family i have gotten
super close to and i just cant wait to see what ends up happening with
   Also with the area we have found some great spots to look down at
the city of cordoba. i have really noticed how the city has its own
beauty to it and i just love it. Sometimes i think to myself i would
love just to live in a small country town but i don't think i could
ever be too far away from a decently sized city. Anyways i have found
that i just love being around the city. now that i finally appreciate
it i think that i can just keep accepting the fact that i might just
be in the city for the majority of the mission.
   Anyway i love you all and i hope that the week is going superbly
amazing for everyone. i am loving it so much. Hasta Luego!
      Elder Cook

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