Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup.......CRAZY!!!

World Cup.......CRAZY!!! we have come to a time here in argentina that is considered very sacred to everyone. I mean this is Super Bowl level but every day of the week for one month. It just started this week and i didn't think it would affect us too much but i underestimated it a ton. First off every house that we get in to has a game going on. From the time of 3 to 10 at night you will have some sort of game on or some sort of futbol talk. Yesterday Argentina played against Bosnia and the whole nation shut down. We as missionaries have been given permission to watch a few fo the games which include those of Argentina and of The United States, but only on a few conditions which we try to meet because my companion is a huge fan of watching futbol and i can not lie saying that in my time here i have grown to love playing and watching soccer. The United States plays today and i don't think we will be able to watch it because we have a family home evening but i wont be surprised if i hear a little bit of whats going on from someone. But so thats how we as missionaries are surviving the long awaited world cup.

Some great miracles have happened this week. First off we have been working with a less active family that lived in Utah for a time being and know live here in ARgentina. Some of the kids speak a lot of English so when we are there we find ourselves speaking a lot of English which to me is a little strange at first be also a little cool because it is out of the ordinary now. But the coolest part of it was that this sunday the oldest brother of the family came to church this sunday. YAY it was super cool. We have become super good friends with him and have been helping him out not feel too stressed about all the stuff that has been going on. This family is passing through a lot because their mom has just gotten back from surgery. She went into surgery about two weeks ago fro Breast Cancer and they are now sure that all the cancer is gone and so she is now just recovering. It has been a long road and a huge fight and now they are just all recovering and we are helping them out with that part of things. But god helps his children.

Other than that i really don't have too much time to write but just to let everybody know that i am loving the mission. you see so many miracles and i just am so grateful for all the wonderful lives that i have seen change in seconds. i love feeling the spirit and i love just seeing the gospel take affect in the lives of the people that are in Cordoba.

I love you all!

Elder Cook

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