Monday, June 30, 2014

A mini misionero!

Transfers came around again and i have been found with a new companion. A mini misionero. His name is Axel Martinez. The mini missionary program is huge here in latin america to give opportunities to help Youth learn about the mission as well as fill in places for empty places that cant be closed down. Elder Martinez is 18 years old and is from the city of cordoba. he lives about 30 minutes aways from where we are serving right now. He is super cool and super loving and i just loving working with him. we will have to see how things work out this transfer because i just feel that it will be filled with miracles.

Other things that have happened this week was a super cool experience that i had this week with a family of investigators. Last week we had found a super cool family that My companion had been working with for a while. it was super hard to find the whole family together and then we finally did. the best part about it was our lesson with them was super spiritual. we then offered to help her out with some service that she was needing and she accepted. We helped her for 2 hours cleaning up her front porch of things that she had just piled there when she had moved into her humble home. After the service project we invited her to come to church. More than accepting she was completely willing to leave behind other things so that she could come to church with us at 9 in the morning. The best part of it all was that they actually did come. we all know of how hard it is to get people to church and i can just say this family was so good. at 9 o'clock they all started getting ready to go to church and were in the church at 930 so that they could partake of the sacrament. The best part was their kids were probably the best mannered as well. they all sat down and just watched with such reverence. i was super surprised and super excited to have investigators.

Pero, i am so happy to be a missionary and every week i just keep seeing more and more miracles in the work. the lord sure does bless his servants and i know that he loves each and every one of his children. he finds them in our times of need. i love you all and i hope to hear from you all next week. Elder Cook

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