Monday, July 7, 2014

Argentina won their two games this week and the country is now jumping for joy

WOW! Argentina won their two games this week and the country is now
jumping for joy. it is insane the amount of people screaming in the
streets and in almost every contact i get some sort of comment that
Argentina was THe united states revenge against belgium. Both of the
games were during our lunch time and i do have to say both games
really got you just tensed up just to see who would make a single
goal. the game against belgium was just crazy because it came down to
the last minutes. the whole country i heard scream goal for that
minute. The world cup is taken really seriously here and now that they
are in the semis i can just imagine what will happen if they make it
to the finals.
    Well other than soccer this week has been for sure an interesting
one. WIth a new companion i have found that sometimes it is hard to be
a teacher. My new companion didn't go through the MTC so he doesn't have
a lot of knowledge or practice of the missionary lessons. So we find
ourselves practicing a lot the lessons and just what you have to teach
every day. It sure has made for an interesting week because i find
myself talking a lot more in my lessons. Sometimes i realize though
that as much as i know my spanish isnt perfect, i surprise myself with
how much i understand and how much i can actually respond. GIFT OF
   Well with an interesting experience of the week actually happened
yesterday. We were going to a house that the family is a less active
family. They all live together in the same kind of area. Actually you
open up the front gate and you have the 4 houses in the same area.
Well we have been working with only one of the kids but yesterday i
had the feeling that i needed to talk to the other brother who was
working in the workshop. Well we started talking to him when my
companion said, "is that a helicopter" to my surprise i looked more
intently and the machine that was sitting right behind him was a full
blown helicopter made from scratch. A home made helicopter. We started
to have a conversation about the helicopter and he told us that his
dad who died about 2 years ago was an inventor and had the desires to
make a helicopter. More than that this helicopter was made so that his
dad could go fishing in places where cars couldn't get to. Yup a true
fisherman right there. And the best part of it all wasn't just that but
the one that i sitting in the garage is the second one that he made.
As we continued we talked about things that his dad had invented, and
not just that but right before his dad died they had a dream to start
streaming an actual television channel. They are planning to reboot it
this week and have their own personal tv channel. That same day i
looked up and realized the gigantic antenna that was shooting from
their house. Yeah this family is super awesome. one of the most
interesting families that i have gotten to know in my time here. i
think i am going to be seeing this family in TIME magazine one day.
    Well other than that i just keep getting through the weeks and
realizing that i love the mission. as much as i miss celebrating over
there in the united states the holidays, happy july 4th to all, i
still just love serving the lord. i love you all and i hope that
everyone enjoyed there time of the holidays.
    Love Elder Cook

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