Monday, July 28, 2014

I have fallen in love with Mate

This week was definitely a lot less exciting but a lot more
rewarding than last week.
       First off on the list of news. I have fallen in love with Mate.
For those who don't know what Mate is, it is the drink that Argentina
is known for. IT is the Herb drink that you drink with just the herbs
and the straw. Recently we have been allowed to drink it but only in
the apartment. This last monday i officially bought myself a set of
Mate and have been drinking it every day fro breakfast. I bought a
herb that has a flavor of passion furit. So yeah it is actually pretty
good for breakfast and dinner here. It fills me up and it makes me
really think that i may just have to drink this the rest of my life.
  Other news, this last monday we went on a hike as a zone to a giant
cross that is placed on a mountain. It was a pretty fun hike.  It
makes me miss the big mountains in utah. i think of my mountains a lot
and the place where we went (Carlos Paz) is a pretty good similarity
to the utah valleys. Still i miss how big they are and how they really
just guide me to wherever i need to go, but hey it makes me respect
htem a lot.
    Other cool fact, service project this week. we had a service
project where we are helpign a member run electricity in her house.
She is  a single mom with 6 kids and doesnt have life to easy, but
what was super cool is as a ward we got together to help her have
electricity so that here house could be more stable with the heaters
running all day long. For those who didnt know heaters take a lot of
electricity. I was in charge of breaking the cement walls so we could
put the fuse box in. that was a fun job. I would just like ot say that
i like working with wood houses a lot more than cememtn. But i learned
a lot and we are going to be finishing the project this saturday. I
dont have any pictures, but i will for sure send some next week.
    But i think the moemtn that i want to sharew tih you of this week
was a spiritual experience that i had this last week. Thourgh all the
excitingness of last week, i was hoping for a really chill and hard
workign week. well my companion and i got to work. Especially with one
family. This family is really close to my heart because since i day 1
i have felt something special about them. They have been members for
atleast 13 years but they havent been for atleast 10 of those. We ahve
been wrokign supe rhard and they just havent been able to budge. Well
This alst week we got into there house and i had a weird feeling to
share a ceratin scripture. When i say weird it is those feelings that
you just cant ignore as a missionary that is the spirit tellign you to
say something. Anyways it ended up leading to a few questions and the
mom started to cry and telling us that it was time to come back to
church. after 10 years of being completely against going to church to
now feelign the spirit in her home again.  the next time we came the
same spirit came to share a different scripture but ended the same to
lots of tears and the most spiritual prayer that i have heard from the
dad. I have really enjoyed being a missionary. i lvoe feeling the
   Love you all and thank you for all the spirit and prayers that i
feel from you.
            Elder Cook

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