Monday, August 4, 2014

huge result of miracles

Another week of the same work but this end of the week we had a
huge result of miracles.
     First off, with the work here we have changed a lot in the way we
actually do the work. A lot more planning and a lot more talking with
members to help us out. Well with this we have focused a lot more on
the attendance of the sacrament meeting. We haven't had a lot of
success with reaching our goal of about 120 people at church. usually
we get around 90 people but this week with all the work we put in we
got 115 of our own members to church. i was so excited and even we had
more people that we weren't even planning for. The lord sure does bless a
good job well done. We Put the effort and we may not see all the fruits
until the end of the week. i love it.
   So it seems like this transfer has been titled the transfer that the
missionaries get to do a lot of service. as i informed my last email we
have been helping a member get her electrical done in her house. well
we still aren't done yet and hopefully by the end of this week it will
finally be done. We showed up this last saturday and we ended up being
the only ones to show up so we started beating into the walls to
atleast get the holes ready for the new wiring that is going in. i
accidentally whacked my hand with the hammer and it left one of my fingers
pretty bruised and swollen for a couple of days. Also we helped
someone cut their grass and now we have as well 3 more days this week for
service projects. We are keeping ourselves busy.
   I am sorry i don't have too much to write this week but it's because we
just did the same thing as we usually do but just a lot more. we put a
ton of energy into last week and as we head into our last week of the
transfer we are planning to do more than ever. i am just loving
the work and i am so privileged to be able to be part of the lord work. i
love it and everyday we see some sort of miracle.
   Love you all and until next week
           Elder Cook

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