Monday, August 25, 2014

Argentina weather is more bipolar than any other place in the world

 The week from heat to rain to cold to oh my gosh Argentina
weather is more bipolar than any other place in the world. This last
week we have been dying from heat. Since monday i have just been
dying. We were up to about 80 to 90 degree weather all week but with
the humidity i was about to die. I seriously started to feel sick from
being out in the sun too long. Then i think to myself...freak i need
to drink more water, and i don't think this was as bad as florida. Then
we get to about saturday and the clouds roll in. We are now in a nice
cold weather where you really just feel you need a sweater just to
survive. I dont understand why 65 degrees just feels so cold now.
    The side of the work, i am absolutely loving working with my
companion. We have this one guy we are teaching. I feel like is a lot
older than i am but he is actually the same age as i am. He speaks
perfect english because he lived in layton utah for about 6 years.
When we go to his house, we teach him in english. This last week we
had a goal to get him to church again and as well as take his little
sister. Well we got to his house and we shared with him the mormon
message "Hope of Gods Light" the lesson wad just super spiritual and
it gave him the desires to go to church the next day. The last time he
came to church he was a little wasted and tired but this time he came
in happier than normal. He stayed the whole three hours and loved just
hanging out with us. He has seriously become a good friend of mine and
i can just see how much happiness he has right now.
   The next cool experience of the week had to be from yesterday as
well. We were invited to go eat dinner with a family that i have known
since my first couple days here. They are the ones that have the
helicopter in their garage. Well We went over and they had cooked a
goat asado. it was absolutely delicious. i just loved it and we had
salad and just so much good food. I have missed a good cooked asado.
The best part was though that we just had a good time with the family.
They are about 6 people and we had 4 of them there and we just all
started to laugh and have a ball with the time we had. I loved it. I
really just feel lucky with the friendships that i have made here in
this area.
    I love the mission, i love the area, i love my companion, i love
being a missionary, i love serving people, and i just love the fact
that i still have so much time to do the things that i am doing. I
love you all and i hope that you have just an amazing week.
         Elder Cook

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