Monday, September 1, 2014

i really just realize that time just doesn't exist here in the mission

Another week has flown by and i really just realize that time
just doesn't exist here in the mission. as days and hours pass by here
in the mission i just realize that two years is nothing. The lord is
only asking two years of my life and i feel like it isnt enough
sometimes. i am absolutely in love with my mission and i just have to
admit that i hate that the time goes by so fast.
   Here in argentina the weather is getting a lot hotter but with a
cool spring breeze i have been enjoying my time. We do find ourselves
trying to get more into the houses of people because i hate just being
out in the blazing heat. I am quite excited for the summer to be
coming along...NOT....but at least the fruit is getting a lot cheaper
again and the promise of Watermelon just makes me realize that it wont
be too bad.
    The weirdest thing of this week was for sure that i taught more in
English this week that i have my whole entire time here in Argentina.
We have one less active that speaks to us and speaks fluent english
and we just found this other investigator that is from Texas and we
started passing by. i mean they both understand spanish but english
just flows better so we have been teaching a lot more in English and i
just feel weird it has almost been a full year since i have taught the
Gospel in english and i just feel so weird when i do it. I mean it is
cool because we have a lot more tools online and stuff but it makes me
just think back to my time in FLorida and how i felt so awkward to
teach in spanish but now it is the exact opposite.
    I am losing things to say and time as well. but i hope that you
all are just amazing and get to enjoy the nice and cooling air of the
northern hemisphere. i love you all and i just cant wait to hear about
all the amazing things that go on in the next couple of weeks.
   I love you all.
        Elder Cook

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