Monday, September 29, 2014

wooo what a week

wooo what a week. We have been working our butts off and i just
cant believe sometimes what we get done in one week. We had just a ton
of things to do and for me the first week of the transfer always is a
little more slower than the ones that are to come.
   With no changes in the pension we are just getting back to work.
This week we set goals to get one specific family to have baptismal
dates for this week. Well let's just say with a  little fasting and
praying we now have 4 baptismal dates set for the middle of October.
These dates are all coming from a less active family that i have had a
ton of challenges with but as well as many spiritual momentsI Am super
happy to finally see some fruits pop out of this family and i just
cant wait to see when they finally are baptized.
   we are all preparing for conference weekend this week by preparing
the members with messages focused on prophets and the revelation. It is
super cool to think that this week we all get to watch modern day
prophets talk to us about what God wants or us. i am so excited. As a
missionary i feel like we get almost way overly excited about these
kind of things but i feel like it is appropriate to think that we will
be receiving pure doctrine for the whole end of the week. i am so
excited. I have also heard that people will be speaking in their
native tongue so i am quite excited to hear the people speak spanish
and realize that i will be able to understand it without the subtitles
or whatever way they will be doing it.
   Well i am going to love this week. we have just a ton of things we
an do this week which includes making a lot of sweets and family home
evenings where they want cakes from the states. Loving it!
   Elder Cook

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