Monday, September 15, 2014

i am starting to lose ideas about what to write to all of you

So i have got to admit....i am starting to lose ideas about what to write to all of you.....I am starting to realize that the things i do are the same....the miracles repeat and sometimes just being in the same area you find that you just talk to the same people and try to do the same things...
    Something interesting of this last week was we were all sick. We are all suffering from Climate changing colds and we just cant fight it off because the weather is just so strange here. The nights get cold and the afternoons are just absolutely unbearably hot. I have decided that short sleeve shirts are just the best way of surviving. you just really start hoping that when the night comes around you have a nice warm home to enter into....i mean you really don't have too modern of heating down here so you find the majority just using stoves or some sort of portable heater to warm up their house made of cement and bricks.
       Another interesting experience was something that happened yesterday. So wednesday we learned that one of the elders in our house had to go to Chile yesterday so it would leave his companion in a trio with us. So as i am typing we are in a trio. We learned that Elder Reber would have to leave right after church. Well we sent Elder Tukuafu and Elder Lac to the lunch that was set with our Bishop and then i waited with Elder Reber to send him off to the mission home. I organized it so i would be with a member the whole day as i would wait for my companions to come look for me It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. It was just fun getting to know them more. We just basically had a long conversation about the mission and different missionary experiences and how it has affected me and how it affected the member. He served his mission in Paraguay and he talked about all the things he learned and the advice he would give to me as a missionary. I would basically say that this member would be one of my best friends here in this ward. I get along super well with his family and i just feel that when i am in his house i feel like i am in my own. I love the family. Their name is Familia Carrizo. The Dad of the family, that is my best friend, speaks incredibly good english so we find ourselves slipping into a spanglish all the time and gladly his wife understands us. They invited us over this friday to make chocolate chip cookies and have a family home evening dinner to end off the transfer.
    I am loving the mission and i just keep having cool and awesome experiences here on the mission. I love you all,
         Elder Cook

the pictures. The assassins creed is a sticker that Hno Carrizo made for me. I learned that i like Assassins Creed and he found this picture and he cut out this sticker for me. The other is just a cool district photo in our argentine garb 

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