Monday, September 22, 2014

i am staying another transfer here in Parque Capital

Well transfers have come and i am staying another transfer here in
Parque Capital. I have officially four and a half months here and by
the end of the 6 weeks of this transfer i will end with six months. a
fourth of my mission will be here in this area. I cant believe it. we
didn't have any changes in the area so we will be staying together for
another transfer and i am just so excited.
   We all thought that i might go this week so we had a ton of parties
that were a slight good bye party. A few asasdos a few huge parties
and in the end i didn't go so i guess we might just have to have
another one in a few weeks.
    Lastly some gringo fun. We made home made united states chocolate
chips cookies that i was so excited to have. We have made friends in
the ward that just love the fact that i love cooking deserts. We are
planning to make some brownies in the next visit so i will tell you
how they turn out.
   I am sorry that i don't have too much time to write a good long PSA.
This week just wasnt that exciting either. The heat waves are starting
to hit, we had a bunch of almost goodbyes, and in the end of it all i
am super excited to stay with my comp, with my area, and just keep on
   I love you all!
       Elder COok

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