Monday, September 8, 2014


   So this week first off was one of the worst weeks of my life due to
the sickness that i ended up getting from the change in climate that
happened after a huge rain storm. I am just recovering from it
yesterday but the throat is still hurting but at least it isn't as bad
to get out of bad and walk anymore. just trying to keep warm and
getting used to the heat as it rolls in again. Cordoba climate is
almost abnormally bipolar.
   But cool thing of the week. We had a family that i started working
with here when i first showed up. IT has been a battle to get them to
church and we have just been pushing really hard with them all just
pushing and pushing and praying and fasting that they could just make
it one day at church. THey were baptized about 10 years ago and they
didn't come much after that. It has been a while since they even have
stepped into the chapel. They live two blocks from the church and it
is just a battle to get them out the door or their house. but finally
after a game of soccer with their kids and just a lot of testimonies
they made it. at 9:00 in the morning they made it to church. i
seriously felt just so happy to see them walking into the building and
being the first family their and just feeling so happy. they told us
after that they will never miss out on another sunday again after a
very edifying testimony meeting. I loved it.
    As well with that. We have been working our ways to get references
from members this week and we have found that when you make cinnamon
rolls for people they usually are a lot nicer to you..well not just
that but you just have an excuse to going into to peoples houses. Well
this week i found an opportunity to go and make cinnamon rolls and we
ended teaching about Lehi's Dream and how it really is just about the
blessings that it has for the family. We received at that moment 3
families to go and teach. It was just a jaw dropping moment. i really
didn't realize how easy sometimes finding new people could be. I still
love it either way.
   This week flew by and the transfer is soon coming to a close. i
dont understand why time flies by so fast. this week is just filled
with a lot of things to do and sometimes it just feels like we have no
time to do all the things we Want to do. anyways i love you all and
until next week
         Elder Cook

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