Monday, October 6, 2014

I am so dead tired

 I am so dead tired. We worked our butt off before conference and we just came back from an exhausting p-day activity. 
  First off conference. Wow what a roller coaster of events. First of, i don't know how the weather was for you guys up in the states, but conference day was just a down pour of rain. It started raining friday afternoon and we were thinking that it would slow down and we would have enough time and ability to take a taxi to the stake center. Well about 630 in the morning the rain just started coming down. We seriously were having problems of flooding in the streets. This made it absolutely impossible to get a taxi there and the buses that could take us there were closed down from problems on the streets, so we walked to the stake center that was closer to us in a different stake. The coolest part of it all was we had an investigator with us. We were all going to take a taxi together but that changed so we asked him if he was willing to walk and he said yes. He walked with us for at least a good 25 blocks to see saturdays conference with us. It was absolutely amazing. he really enjoyed conference too.
    Speaking of conference, it was so cool to have everybody speak in their native tongue. It was super cool because i listened to the whole thing in spanish this time and i really did get he whole experience. THey had the english room set up for the missionaries and all that fun stuff but i decided to stay for the spanish. But the thing is when the spanish speakers started talking all the missionaries came in to listen to it in spanish. It was a really cool experience to actually listen to it in spanish and understand it all. Signs of an old missionary.
   Two elders got sick this week so we have been fighting the diseases this week and in a pension with  4 elders you find yourself in a circle of just repeating sicknesses. I hate it. I am just keeping up on a fruit diet to fight off the sicknesses and the weight...hopefully i can fend off both of them.
    Anyways i love you all and i hope that you all enjoyed this conference week. With rain and sun i sure did.
         Elder Cook

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