Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Happy Halloween Everybody!
  This week was a very interesting week because of one thing. I was really shown that the lord guides his work. he makes sure that we are in the right places and in the right times. First off so this last week we started off by feeling like we needed to pass by a certain family. Well we went by this family and we ended having a super spiritual experience with them where they explained everything about what their problems were in their lives and what they truly were looking for in that moment. Well we helped them out and she told us that she doesn't want us to go anymore just because she feels so good and that she wants us to pass by more often so we can help her feel so good while in these troubled times. Then right after that we felt like we needed to go to another family. we knocked on their door and we ended up learning that they were going through a huge family crisis at that moment because they had just gotten in a car wreck and his job revolves around him being able to use his car and that in the family as well one of the daughters had just got up and left. It was sad to see and really hard but they ended thanking us for being so willing to help them out in that time as well.
   After that we had some good news. Our ward baptized this week! WOOT! The other elders have been helping out this one guy who is married to a member that hasn't gone in years. Well just recently he has been showing the signs of actually wanting to progress and wanting to help his family come to church. well after a long 3 month process and some prayers and fasting he was baptized this last saturday and confirmed a member on sunday. He bore his testimony the day of his confirmation and testified in front of everybody of how he gained a testimony of this church and how he wants the teachings of this church to be the ones that his kids can grow up with. HE has already seen the blessings of confiding with the lord and he is now so happy. He is a changed person. Shows that this i s a gospel o transformations.
   After that this will probably be my last week here in this area and i am super sad to have to start saying my goodbyes but to be honest i am just excited to end this transfer and see where god wants me next. I am sad i am going to be missing out on the whole Halloween thing but you know what i just will have to celebrate halloween my own way. Anyways i love you all and i hope that everything goes well.
   Elder Cook

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