Monday, November 3, 2014

A week of flying emotions for sure

A week of flying emotions for sure. Transfers have come and gone
and so did After a good solid 6 months in Parque Capital i have
finally left the area. And with that i am also officially outside of
the city which i think will be a good thing. I have gone through my
whole mission here being less than an hour away from the main city of
Cordoba and now i am about a good solid 3 hours away from the city in
a city called San Francisco. Yes like the one that is in California.
But i am still in Cordoba. It is especially weird to think that this
may be my last area in the mission. Even weird is the fact that in my
pension right now we have 6 elders and 4 of us are ending our missions
in the next 4 months. So it will for sure be a weird way of ending
   This last week has been just a whirlwind of emotions knowing that
transfers were just around the corner. We kind of just went around
making sure that we could say goodbye to everybody that we would want
to. The worst part is that after 6 months you have a lot of people to
say good bye to. But it was also nice because we were able to see the
majority of them.
   But there is a miracle out of all of this. As i talked about in my
last weeks email the spirit has a weird way of guiding us to the
people that need us the most well we saw a miracle after that moment.
It all goes to the Loza Family. The Loza family is an interesting
story but to make it short they are one family that has been trying to
baptize themselves for a good solid 4 years but it has been hard
through marriage problems and just the fact of jobs and a lot of
things. Well this last week the wife of the family, the only one that
isn't baptized saw the fact that the lord has a hand in her life. This
last wednesday we went over there for dinner and she started
explaining how she was so affected by our teachings and that she
started reading the book of mormon and that she finally made a promise
with god and that she wants to be baptized. It is really hard for her
to go to church  for her job but she wants to try with all her might
to get baptized. It was a serious miracle and a true change of heart.
One of the cool things you get to see as a missionary. It is sad that
i wont be able to see it but i just feel happy that i got to be part
of it.
   Well as i look at the time i have left i am going to take advantage
of every minute that i have left.  I love the mission and i love
serving the people . I love it here in Argentina and i just love the
fact i get to see people really changing and taking upon themselves
the name of jesus christ.
  I may miss my old area but i just know that i will be enjoying my
time here in San Francisco. I love you all!
  Elder Cook

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