Monday, November 17, 2014

A week full of miracles again

A week full of miracles again.
   I don't know how these things happen but i feel like the lord has
just blessed us with a handful of miracles that we have all not been
able to comprehend at first.
  First off.....(drum roll) WE BAPTIZED. Yes a women that should have
been baptized about 2 weeks ago was finally baptized. She was
baptized yesterday after all the meetings and classes. It was a pretty
cool experience to see her. We didn't know who was going to do it until the 
last moment and a lucky priest that the parents are trying to put
a missionary focus on him made him do the baptism. IT was a little
weird experience and kind of a funny story from my point of view but i
think that may be for another day.
   Another Miracle. We put forth the work and we find the people that
are waiting for us. Last week we were walking through a part of the
city that is kind of far away from where we actually live. Far from
the church as well but the cool thing was we tried to visit every
member possible that we knew and that was listed. But the good thing
was that we found two people and we didn't even teach them. We came in
sat down in their houses and the first thing we heard was elders i
know it has been a long time since i have come to church but i will be
going this week. We sat there looking at each other and kind of
humbled but happy to be there at the right time. and not just that 1
of those people came and on her bike in the 90 degree weather that we
had sunday morning.
   Last miracle of the week was news that i heard from my ex comp. So
a miracle that i told a few emails ago, in my last area, of a woman
that had some family problems and that we helped her out. Well we got
there and she wanted to be baptized right? well i got the news that
she was baptized and not only that, her dreams were completed as she
was confirmed a member and the first time she took the sacrament she
received it from her son that has been a member for 4 years already
and has been her example and testimony bearer for the longest time. I
wish i could have seen it but i guess there are just some things that
we will never will see until the next life. I am just happy though
that i was able to be part of it in one way or another.
   Well i can't really tell you what will be in store for next week,
but i just cant help but realize how much my loving heavenly father is
truly looking over the work and is helping his servants who take their
time to do it. I love this work. i love leaving and being under the
hot sun and in the humid air because i know without a doubt that i
wouldnt be happier doing anything else but this. I love being a
   Elder Cook

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