Monday, November 10, 2014


Wow i can't believe all the things that i have seen throughout this week. It was amazing. Another week of us being guided by the spirit to be at one place at the exact right time when God needed us. Something that reached us though was with an investigator that is a student here at the university. She and her three friends found the missionaries about 3 weeks ago and they all three received the book of mormon. And now 2 of which have already finished the book and the one that hasn't finished accepted to be baptized after talking to her parents. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! God truly does prepare his people to receive the gospel.
   Another miracle of the week. So we came over to some members house and we were talking to them for a while and right before we are about to end the lesson a women comes in and sits down on the lesson. We then start summarizing the lesson for this stranger woman and she ends up needing the lesson that we were giving. She was  having problems with her husband and having a ton of difficulties. And right there we were talking about how we needed to endure the problems that we may have as hard as they may be. We set up a lesson for the next day and it was amazing.
   Next miracle. We go to this same members house to teach this new miracle find we had, well she didn't show up but in place of here the member told us of a different women who was going through some family problems and sent us over to go visit her. We knocked on the door and she looked at us invited us into her house and i don't think i said a single word for an hour and a half. She talked our ears off telling us nothing but her life story and all the problems that she has gone through. She loves the church has studied it before and wants to continue with us. It was absolutely amazing. I loved it! We are going to be passing by her this week.
   The spirit works its ways and i love the mission for that. We are guided to the right people at the right time. I LOVE IT!
   I know i have very little time left but i got to use it to the max. I keep serving the lord with all m might mind and strength using everything in my power to help those who really need it!
  I love you all and until next week!
      Elder Cook

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