Monday, November 24, 2014

Receiving instruction from President Alliaud

What a week!
     First off to start. I went back to the city! well not permanently
but we had a conference this last tuesday so we spent all of tuesday
between travel and receiving instruction from President Alliaud. It is
really cool to listen to our president. As you listen to him you
really just feel that he has the vision in mind and that he has the
keys to guide this mission. As well he announced something that will
be starting this week. Sneak peek of something that you all probably
wont hear about until after Thanksgiving, but there is going to be a
huge push on the missionary front with a christmas focus. The
initiative is called "He is the Gift" it is super cool and we will be
passing along the missionary spirit with everybody trying to get
people to just listen to a message about the birth of jesus christ. I
am super excited.
   Also something of the week is that it flew by fast. We have been
working super hard this last week and it shows when you leave and the
next thing you know you look up into the sky and the sun is already
setting. My comp and i are really just starting to get into the swing
of each other. We are getting along really well and we are working
like a really well oiled machine. It has taken some getting used to
just because he himself is still getting used to the language and me
to a comp that needs to talk more. I realize that i like talking a
lot..woops but we are getting better and we are really now just
finding the miracles and getting us ready for this next month.
   Last but not least i wanted to talk a second to think about
Thanksgiving. I may not be celebrating it this year but here is
something to think about. Isn't it weird that in the states we first
have thanksgiving and then we have a full month of thinking of Christ.
I think we may need a little bit more of a humble heart to give thanks
to our savior before we think of what a gift he actually is and was.
This week i will be fore sure thinking of what kind of thanks i have
to give every night for the things we have. This is a season to give
thanks. In my studies i have really seen that true humility does not
mean to be poor but it just means to be thankful and recognize that
God is the source of everything that we want and need in our lives. I
am thankful for this time that my God has given me to teach and preach
the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. The fact that i get to do
everything in my power to really help the people here in Argentina so
that they may fully realize the gift of Jesus Christ. I love my savior
and i love my God. I love you all and i hope that you all have a
wonderful and cold thanksgiving. Enjoy it because i wont be able to!
       Elder Cook

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