Monday, December 1, 2014

Bikes again...and more rain storms...

 Bikes again...and more rain storms...
        Yes the title is so true. This last weekend was filled with a cold front, a huge rain storm, and us being on bikes. So i didn't tell you guys in my last couple of emails but this area actually has bikes to ride on for proselyting. The two bikes we have are not in the greatest shape but it helps us from not getting robbed while we are not looking. But anyways this weekend we decided to take the bikes for a good spin to make our long distance travel to the Province of Santa Fe an easier trip.
   Let's just say that Saturday reminded me a lot of how florida felt like on a weekly basis. We had recently got out of lunch when we look to one side and see a gigantic front of gray and stormy clouds coming straight towards us. I knew from past experiences that in about an hour from when we left we would be hit with a gigantic rain and thunder storm. Well we decided that it would be best to go look for a house that we may be able to take shelter in. All the members we looked for in the area were already asleep for the Siesta and the regular people that we talk to as well. So we took the chance and went to go look for somebody. Right before the storm hit we found a house of a potential investigator that we have been trying to find for the last 3 weeks and we finally found her. She let us in and she told us to take cover in her house until the rain calmed down.
   First off, that visit was amazing. She told us her faithful story of her family and how she lost her son to a tumor in his liver. We were able to share the whole plan of salvation and as well as share some scriptures from the Book of Mormon with her in the hour and a half that we were there during the hardest part of the storm. It was super cool and showed me that the lord truly has his ways of realizing his work.
   Through out the whole day we had moments just like that were just as it started to rain hard we were able to get into a house before the rain started pouring down. That is until the end of the night when we finally had to make it home. The rain came pouring down the worst it had the whole day and ti showed no sign of stopping. I had no jacket and nothing to really cover myself. So what did i do, i took my bike saddled up and took it like a man and tried getting to our house as fast as i could. Lets just say the puddles that i splashed through may have covered about half my calfs. By the end of the trip my shoes were filled with water and i was absolutely soaked. We all just took our time to take off our clothes and dry off a bit. it was a fun little moment. 
 Anyways i know that as much as we all love the cool mission stories i would just like to share with you all a video that really has changed my thoughts on this season. It may not be in the states, and i may not be seeing a white christmas, but what i am able to see is a Christ Centered Christmas. I am really able to focus on the true meaning of christmas and the true gift that we have received this season. I am going to leave you all with a video of what the true gift was for all of us and then invite you to think what this gift has given you! i love you all and i hope that you all have a great miracle filled week!
He is the Gift
   Elder Cook

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