Monday, December 8, 2014

Every week here in San Francisco is becoming more amazing

Well another week has flown by and every week here in San Francisco is becoming more amazing. This week marks the end of another transfer which as i approach people are not afraid to point at me and help em recognize that i only have 2 transfers left after it.....The mission has flown by and we have someone going home from our pension so it just kind of freaks me out to see it happening. Just keep the focus and the goals still set to work as hard as i can!
    This week was somewhat slow. We have been trying to work hard and focused but the hot spring afternoons just make it seem like the longest day of my life. The sun and humid air of the area is not as fun. We have been having heavy storms blow through the area and we were caught in them on more than one occasion. But as wet as we get the day of the storm isn't the problem it is the day after when the blazing hot sun comes out. I have come home to the pension a little darker every day.
   Good thing about weeks like this is that as hard as you work you may not see as much success but you see a lot more bigger miracles than just the small graces that you get from the lord. This last week we were able to focus on the Christmas message with some of the members and they all were super excited about it and have been sharing it everywhere they can. We are holding a Christmas night on Friday night to watch a few Christmas things and then next week we have the Christmas activity for the branch. CHRISTMAS IS HERE!
   but finally i would like to put something that God has shown me every week since i have started the mission. He loves us. When we show our love for him, he shows it even more. So as always we had fast Sunday this last week. We as missionaries here start Saturday  after lunch and then goes till Sunday for lunch. Well lets just say that was a trial. Hottest day yet of the spring, hunger wrenching my stomach, and no one wanted to listen to us that day. We had very little success. But we continued on with the faith that we would see something. Sunday comes around and no one. Very little people because of another storm that hit us right after Church. Worst news was that our lunch for that day canceled on us because their fridge broke so they lost all they food that they were going to make for us. It was rough, but something that we did end up seeing was that after Sunday right at the end of the night, we go to a new investigators house and we teach her the Restoration and she ends up in tears telling us it was the message that she has been looking for to unite her family. We have a lesson with her today and we are super excited to see what continues out of it. But it was just a testimony builder that God loves every single one of us and though he may try my faith i know he does a lot more for me than i could ever imagine, especially since he already did something for me which i can never pay back which was send Jesus to all of us right?
   Anyways i love you all and i will talk to you all next week!
          Elder Cook

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