Monday, December 29, 2014

A week of partying and a week of just absolutely hard work

A week of partying and a week of just absolutely hard work.
   So Christmas week is always an interesting but always rewarding week. ANd that is for two reasons. You always do have families getting together so you have more opportunities of finding new people that may have never heard the gospel before, and two the fact is that when families are together usually they don't want two strangers knocking their door and asking if they can come in and share a Christ filled message with them. Yes a few may let you in but the majority of those people not so much. But the few people that doo answer are very elect peopel and we know that they will most likely progress.
    So to start of the week, it has been a very interesting experience to train. First off sometimes you just realize that the guy sitting next to you sometimes just doesn't understand why you do the things you do. I may do something or say something and he then asks me why i do what i do and i realize that it isn't something that he does on a regular basis. For example today he asked me why i was getting in proselyting clothes if it was a p-day, then i realized he doesn't know what we do on a p-day. This was his first p-day that actually didn't have something weird like a Christmas conference or traveling so he was able to experience something normal and he doesn't know what to do.
   Also part of the week was a great filled Argentine Christmas eve dinner. We ate with a family here that i have grown quite close with (the Martinez Family) as well as they invited me to come have dinner with them. Brother Martinez cooked us up a barbeque with half of a pig, a goat, and a good rack of ribs. It filled me up fast. he let me help with the barbecue as well but it was more just a watch and learn experience because he cooks his asado a little differently than i have seen before but it sure saves money but it takes a golden eye to make sure you don't over cook your meat.
   Also this last week though we had a Christmas conference with the whole mission there. It was so interesting because i saw companions from the first part of my mission and realized how old i am because the majority of them are now past their year mark and making fun of me because i will be going home soon. I thought it was quite an interesting experience and kind of out of body thing where i just couldn't help but think to myself on how tired i was as i went around talking to people.
  Well finally it has come to the new year and i am getting pretty excited to start the new year. Start a new part of my life and see what life actually has in store for me. The new year is all about resolutions, and i have made a few, and i know that i will keep adding to the list as time goes on. But anyways i love you all and i hope that life just keeps giving out the blessings. I love you all!
    Elder Cook

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