Tuesday, December 23, 2014

...my companion is Elder Chuquipoma. He is an Elder from Peru

   Well i am guessing that you are all now trying to figure out who my new companion is.Well my companion is Elder Chuquipoma. He is an Elder from Peru. I am already in love with the guy. He is an awesome elder and i am super excited to be his first companion here in the feild. He has the fire like none other i always feel bad when we really have soemtiems nothing to do but we get a lot of thigns done. This week we put 2 dates with peopel to get baptized. It was amazing the miracles that we found when we just put ourselves to work with the blind faith that we were going to find the miracles that are waiting for us.
   Yesterday was the christmas confrence for the mission and ti is oen of only very few oportunities where the mission gets together. And this is the whole mission all 246 of us get together and we just have a blast. This Christmas they had a talent show and i was actually able to sing in it with one of my good friends here on the mission named Elder Toledo. It was super cool we sang Mary did you Know with a mixture of Spanish and English lyrics. It was super cool and though it may not have been the perfect performance i was super happy about it and it was fun.
    Well i am super excited about Christams. This year we will be celebrating it with a member family and the man of the house invited me to come learn how to cook the asado (barbeque) we will be cooking a full pig and a goat instead of the traditional cow. i am super excited because i have never cooked something so big before so i am quite excited to learn. 
  I love Christmas on the mission because it just give me time to think about Christ and just read the story and think about what opportunities and moments that i have as a missionary to share the good news that is Jesus Christ and that he was born so that we could actually be saved from damnation. From eternal suffering. From Death itself, And he opened up a door so that my family can be together forever and that i could go around for these short 2 years and tell people that they can receive the blessings.
   I love you all and i hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas!
            Elder Cook

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