Monday, October 13, 2014

I really enjoy the mission life

  I really enjoy the mission life. As the days pass by i just really start to enjoy the fact that i am still a missionary. Sometimes i just look at myself in the mirror and realize that i have been doing this for more than a year and i just cant think of doing anything else now.The cool part is the fact that we get to see so many miracles and that we get to see the lords hand in our lives every day, and even better we see the lords hand in the lives of others.    
  So something that i have realized is that cooking is a really fun way to get the trust of other people. I have found another favorite recipe to make with people. Bread Pudding. They don't have raspberries here but i have found that strawberries are just as good. I am absolutely in love with it too because it doesn't take as much time to make and less ingredients and just as enjoyable. I am going to go make it again this week and i have to say that i am overly excited for it.    
  Well as much as making food is just one the best parts of my mission, the other one is when we get to see the lord bless us with just so many miracles. This week my companion and i worked our buttsoff in our area. We did everything that we could and we just couldn't see a lot of success through out the week. We saw potential people and a lot of promises that we were just hoping and praying would come through. The day that it all comes down to is sunday. Lets just say we were going to church with a little bit of sadness because we thought everything had fallen through. The people we looked for all told us that they couldn't. So we go to church and we find a person waiting for us. A good friend of ours who came to conference with his girlfriend.he told us that basically he came because he has a desire to come and he wants to get baptized. He wants to learn a little more before he chooses the day but i am just super excited because he started crying in front of us on how he just feels so comfortable here int eh church and that there is some deep desire to come. It was a real big miracle for us and the lord just put him in our path. I love it.   
  I love the mission and though we may do a lot of the same things i feel that the mission just has bigger and bigger surprises  as we go along the road. Love you all!    
Elder Cook

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