Monday, August 18, 2014

new way of working, and just a ton load of fun

New district, new way of working, and just a ton load of fun.
    I got to say that just sums up the thing of this week. I am absolutely in love with the people in my district. we are in a district with all gringos. that means all four of us speak english. we speak English here and there but we have a new missionary in the pension so we are playing a game to help him learn spanish. We call this game Spanglafu. We have the goal to speak 100 percent pure spanish in the street and if we speak just one word of english we get the Spanglafu card and at the end of the night the two people who have the Spanglafu card play a game of Rock Paper Scissors and who ever has the most points at the end of the week has to buy dinner for the four of us. One of the missionaries has lost 3 nights in a row and so he is basically locked in to buying the dinner next week.  But the game is super fun and we get pretty into it.
    Elder Lacutoure is the best companion ever. He is absolutely awesome. We work so hard every day. we find ourselves just walking a ton every day. we have found just so many miracles and i just can't believe how many times we have gotten into a house and now felt the spirit so strong as we teach and testify together. As much as i loved the mini missionary, it is so different having someone who actually knows what he is doing and knows the lessons backward and forward. We have gotten along so well together and we just bust it up in the streets as we laugh and have fun together. I dont have my camera with me so i cant show a picture of the district or my companion but i will try for sure the next week.
     Anyway i don't have too much time to write but i just got to say i have seen sooo many miracles this week due to just having faith in the lord and that he would guide us in everything that we do. We have seriously only put faith in the spirit and we have found chosen people left and right this transfer. I absolutely love this area, i love the mission and i just in general love being a missionary.
    I love you all.
         Elder Cook

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