Monday, July 21, 2014

This week has sure been the most interesting of my mission

 Well this week has sure been the most interesting of my mission. Lots of things going on. We had a lot of exciting moments through out this week. First off on Tuesday i talked to more than over 90 people over the course of the day. you know how usually all we do is talk to people as missionaries. well Tuesday my district was assigned to take over a booth that our mission is trying out that has a giant stand up poster with questions on it. then we as missionaries just walk around talking to people trying to get names and addresses to pass by. Well my companion Elder Martinez doesn't like talking to people so we have been trying to overcome the fear by doing a few things. By the end of the day he really hadn't talked to anyone so i just said look it isn't that hard you just go up to someone ask any question and then talk. he told me it wasn't as easy as that. so i told him look it doesn't even have to be about the gospel. so to show him and example i just went up with him to a random person who was looking at our poster and asked "le gusta arroz con pollo (do you like rice with chicken)" and my companion about busted up laughing. the guy looked at me weird and we then started talking about things. he was a Jehovah's witness and doesn't have a lot of interest but it sure opened up Elder Martinex to contacting 2 people after that. A good accomplishment.
     After that this week has been filled with just meetings and looking for a new house for the sisters in my district. It has been super crazy just trying to look for a house or an apartment. we live in the suburbs where there are only super rich houses or super crappy apartments. so trying to look for a perfect little place for two sisters was difficult. we finally found a small house close to the one they have now. they are super excited about it and we will have to see how it turns out.
    Speaking of the mini it seems like people have questions. Well Elder Martinez is called to serve with me for 6 weeks, a whole transfer. he lives with me and stays with me like a regular companion would do. the only difference is that he shares my responsibilities but not the calling. he has different rules, like right now to communicate with his family he is using facebook. he can talk to his family whenever he wants and just has to be with me.he is like a real missionary but he doesn't have everything that a missionary has. he is just a priest at this moment so he cant give blessings or anything like that. So it makes for some fun times when i get called to do blessings because i end up doing them alone. I have gotten really good at giving blessings in Spanish. Other than that he acts and does everything that i would do.  we live together just us two in our small apartment.
   Speaking of our apartment. we got a complete remodel of our house. They called us on monday and told us that they were going to come in and do some little fixes on friday. they came in told us we had to take all the pictures off our wall and had to prepare the room for complete painting. so they painted our room and we have been having problems with our heater and i jsut thought they were going to fix it, but in they end they just took it out and haven't put it back we dont sleep in our room for the moment because there is a hole in our wall that all the cold night air enters in so we are sleeping in our kitchen and using our small little oven to keep us warm at night.
   well other than that i guess the stories just could keep going but i dont have too much time to just write them all down. but i love the mission. i love being called as a district leader because it sure has shown me what true service is. i love my district and i love the unity that we have created. I will be sad to see this transfer end. i love you all and i hope that everyone enjoys the week.
     Elder Cook

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