Monday, July 14, 2014

the week kind of started off pretty rough for the argentine people

Well....the week kind of started off pretty rough for the
Argentine people. Their team ended up losing by one point. It was very
different feeling yesterday. i was heading back after the game and
just heard nothing but complete silence in all of Cordoba. The only
thing that was heard was the sound of one noise maker but it almost
sounded like just the sound of utter sadness. It was quite different
from the celebrations of Argentina that was going on when they won
against Holand. Very different but i do have to say that i feel very
lucky to have had the opportunity to be in Argentina during such a
grand time of Argentine history. It will be a moment that i will never
   One cool thing though came out of yesterdays game was from the
investigators that we watched the game with. About 3 months ago two
boys got baptized through a member reference. These two guys have been
super cool and some of the most firm in the church. but the thing is
the rest of the family started off being super against the church and
really trying to influence them to leave the church after they had
joined. Well recently we have just tried being friends with the dad
who had probably the biggest stand against the church. well yesterday
he officially called us his friends and has invited us to come by his
house at any time we want. I think more than anything the lord has
really just opened up his heart. And now he does accept our
invitations and even as said that one day he will be at church. I hope
that maybe i will be there to see that.
   This week has been really interesting time wise with just the fact
that because of the games our schedules have been swapped in every
direction just to accommodate for our better times of talking to people
but lets just say that it was really hard in general just to get into
the houses of people because people where traveling all over the
places just to be with family to see the games. But we did have
miracles and we did find new ways to look at the work. i am super
tankful for everything that i have and super thankful to have this
great opportunity to serve the lord. I love the service of the lord.
Until next week!
   Elder Cook

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