Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day does time fly....
                 so with the phone call and all that stuff now passed i realize how little time we get as missionaries. in the last week i have experienced a lot of great hings and a lot of eye opener experiences that i will try to explain in this little section of an opportunity i have.
    So we start of on monday. So we had the activity and they had a spiritual thought. i know i wrote on tuesday but something that kind of affected me throughout the week was a thought that came to mind. One of the people there said we need to have our vision in the eternities. well so i started seeing a lot of things in eternities this week and i realized how much i was lacking in the area. unfinished reports and papers, unfinished invitations to people, and just not an urgency to the work. I had realized that i had something so precious and that i really didn't understand it well enough to have the urgency. Sometimes we don't realize what we have as members of the church.
    Anyway so this week was a lot of catch up work. We ended up looking through what we were missing as a matter of our area book and we just filled everything out. Then when we completed it all we made a promise to never get behind again, so a little more work but we get it done.
  Another opportunity was the fact that we hadn't caught up on a few really positive people in our area so we did that. With that we decided to go to Bouwer and try to contact some people. We ended up having a great lesson out in Bouwer with a lady name Julia. By the end of the lesson we invited her to be baptized and she accepted. YAY! the work sure continues on.
    And finally it made me think of the relationships that i am able to experience here on the mission. First and foremost my companion. I needed to be more reliant on his experiences as well as letting him grow from the experiences and trying not to baby him as much. So it was really hard for us both. As well as i tried to have a better relationship with those around em as other missionaries and members as well. IT sure did help me realize i only have a short time to learn from the people here on the mission some only a month, some 6, and some just for a few days. but one things is for sure i am growing up a ton, and that isn't just in weight.
  Anyway. i love the mission life and today was a great day to relax a bit from the norm. We went bowling, explored down town cordoba, and spent some time with just some really good friends. The mission life is awesome. I love it and i love all of you. Hasta luego!
   Elder Cook

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