Monday, April 28, 2014

HOLA y gracias por todos de los Feliz Cumpliaños Well i think that will be enough spanish for today. haha well this week has been absolutely amazing.first off the baptism.the baptism was successful. It really was a beautiful moment. recently my district leader has been really good about asking me to be in charge of the music for the baptism services. the last 3 i have had a musical number, and it wasnt any different from this one. I sang two different numbers and i felt really weird beign bare foot and in white for the first one. oh well. It was super cool to have the experience. When he came out of the water he started to cry and he just hugged me in the font. We were both soaking wet by the time we left. The best part about it though was the fact that yesterday at church he came in with a suit coat and robbed my missionary tag and put it on saying, how do i look. He has desires to serve a mission. It just made me feel so good. He wants my tag when i leave from the area. He is super cool. One of the greatest experiences of my life. Other great moment of the week, we had three different conferences this week. one mission conference and two different sessions of Stake Conference. The mission conference was absolutely amazing. Both president and his wife came and said happy birthday to me and wondered why we didnt answer their call on the 22 because they wanted to sing happy birhtday to me. But we had lost our phone two transfers ago so i had to apologie for that, but they gave me a candy bar and said happy birthday personally and it sure made a good day. Second of all stake conference. We had present a seventy of area in Argetntina and i just got to say he was one of the most lovign people that i have every seen in my entire life. His name is Elder Juan Carlos Avila. He spoke in a way that just got right to you. Most of all his talk on missionary work on saturday was by far my favorite fo the whole thing. But for me the night ended better. We had just finished talking about saving our fellow brethern and all this cool stuff and we were jsut getting home. when we got out of the taxi Elder Richardson found 200 pesos. Well our first instinct was to ask our neighbor who he and his wife are less active members of the church. Well as we figure dout the 200 pesos were his and if we wouldnt ahve found it he would have gone without food for a day or two. So luckily we found it, he gave us a chocolate cake and then we started to talk about the gospel and stuff. Well started to admit ot us that he has now gained a testimony of Jesus Christ and that he is our savior but of the church he wasnt quite sure. Well as it all turned out it ended up being one of the most spiritual moments i have had on my mission of bearing my own testimony and wanting the best for him. as Richard G Scott said in his talk this last general conference "express the love that you have for them and then bare your testimony" The next day i saw him and his wife at Stake COnference happy as could be to be listening to someone. One of the little miracels that happen. Other than that we have been working our butts off. Tonight we have 3 different family home eavenings to attend and teach lessons for so it will be a really fun night. and the best part is that tonight i am going to have terriyaki chicken for dinner tonight. WOO HOO! super excited to have something from home again. As much as i am in love with the food here in is startign to become reptative and so i like change. Speaking of food yesterday i had my first food that is only made like three times a year or four depending on the family. it is called Locro, it is just a really heavy soup with a lot of meat. It was super good adn the best part was jsut sharing the table with a mixture of every type o religion and culture. Just a really cool experience. I love you all and i just cant help but wait to see what the lord has planned for me and for my area. Con Mucho Amor Elder Cook

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