Monday, April 21, 2014

we had changed Branch Presidents in the ward

well what a week....this week started off with some news that we had changed Branch Presidents in the ward, and not only that but our zone leaders organized a zone splash in our area for today. so they asked us to meet with our new branch president and organize this activity for today. well we had basically everything ready, but one thing happened on wednesday that kind of made things a little hard for everyone. I lost my voice this last week. on wednesday morning i had a little bit of pain in my throat and by mid day...i had lost it completely. i couldn't let a single word escape my mouth. yeah where the job of the missionary is to talk to made it a little difficult. my companion got stuck doing the majority of the work. but with all the meetings and things that we had to set this activity sure made it hard. With all said and done i had lost my voice for 3 days. three critical days of special plans and teaching opportunities. with luck lots of pray and a blessing i got my voice back on friday but i still needed to take caution with it leaving again. All the members were giving me some sort of medicine or some sort of homemade remedy that would help me. Lets just say the majority of them dealt with drinking lemon juice and orange juice heated up. Good news for the birthday plans. I will be having a baptism tomorrow. The guy is named Luis. he is 18 and will turn 19 on the same day of his baptism. we share birthdays. He is super excited to be baptized and is one of the most chosen people that i have known on this earth. We will be having a type of birthday party for us both tomorrow which will be super fun so i am super excited for tomorrow. Other news of the day is of the splash that we will be having today. all 22 missionaries are coming to our area to teach for 2 hours of the night time. we are hoping that we will be having a lot of miracles happening this week as we use the references that we get. We are also hoping that through all this work we ourselves can find our area growing. WIth the change of branch president he is super excited and super young. he only has 28 years of age and got back from his mission 6 years ago. His 1 counselor is the same. it is going to be really interesting to have such a young leader but i can imagine that we will be seeing a lot of changes here in the area. well the work continues. easter was almost exactly the same as any other day. just a lot more messages focused on the atonement of jesus christ. it was a good day to share the message of jesus christ. I feel super loved here in Argentina and i know that this week will just be super fantastic. I love you all! Elder Cook

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