Monday, April 14, 2014

Elder Richardson and i have hit the ground running

Wow what a week. Elder Richardson and i have hit the ground running. we were working a butt load this week with trying to meet with all the active members of our ward and our investigators as well. Well lets just say in that process he got to know more of the less active families that we have been working with than anyone else that we have been teaching. He got to know a few of the people that we are working with but he has stated many times that it sure has been different from his last area. One thing that i have noticed is that i have had the luck to serve in 4 areas now and learned a lot about different circumstances and he is just getting to know the difference between the city and the country side. It was one thing that he is still getting used to. He is super cool and i have learned a lot from the new energy that he has brought to the area. we taught a ton of lessons this week and we sure did receive our blessings for all our hard work. we had an investigator at church this week. woo hoo. he has been reading the book of mormon and has almost gotten half way done with it. We have a lesson with him tonight so we are hoping to hear good new on how it went in church. Testimony meeting was great. we have been working with a less active family that has just started to become super active again in the church. they are preparing to enter the temple and yesterday the mom and her two daughters bore their testimonies in front of everyone. I sure about cried when the youngest stood up and didn't say a thing for 5 minutes and then started bawling testifying of how she wanted to be in an eternal family and how she loves the missionaries in her house. Lets just say that this family has sure become my family here in argentina. Other than that the other kids that we are teaching from the other area are super cool. Yesterday i had one of the coolest experiences of my mission. So yesterday we went to teach him the law of chastity. We as awkward as the lessons started off, he started to open up to us. We he has a gauge in his ear and part of the law of chastity is that he has to take out the piercing. Well at the end of the lesson he look at me and said. Tell me what i have to do. and i told him that if he wants to get baptized he will have to take it out. in that moment he took it out gave it to me personally and said keep this until my baptism and then we can talk more about it. It was such a spiritual experience for me and it truly showed that this 18 year old kid is so converted to god that he is willing to do everything to be baptized. Anyway the work has been super amazing the the miracles just keep rolling in. I love the work and i love everyone in general. Elder Cook

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