Monday, October 14, 2013

AHHH so for those who don't know this will be my final full week in Florida. I am so excited to get down into Argentina but it also is so sad because i will be leaving the great and wonderful Florida that i have grown so close too during the last 6 months. I have learned to love the culture of the people, the wards, starting to get used to the weather, and finally getting in the grove of the work. Hopefully though my time here is the preparation that i needed before getting into Argentina. So Last week was super crazy. We had so much stuff going on. Temple Service, Interviews with President, me getting my Visa, meetings all over the place and finally coming to the end where We are preparing for the next week coming up. We are going to be so busy as well. We prepped this week to be one of the busiest weeks that we could ever have so that we could both end this transfer leaving nothing behind. We have a huge ward activity coming up for this Friday which is supposed to be the biggest ward activity of the year. It is going to be so fun. Lots of food, lots of cultures, and best of all great opportunities for Members to bring friends and introduce them to the Church. We are hoping for a super good turn out on both sides of the board, or at least that is what the members have told us. Anyway i want to share something that i really liked about this week. It has been super cool because with all of our investigators we have re-pushed listening to conference again, and even have had the opportunity to sit down with a few of them and watch a few of the talks. the one very popular one that we have found to help most of them was the Talk given by Uchtdorf given on Saturday. I absolutely love this talk. I know as a missionary i am not really doubting what i am sharing, but i have found so much inspiration on how i can help those i am teaching resolve those little doubts that they have. Everyone has doubts and they may bot be about the church, or they may just be a doubt on their self worth, Just remember having a true testimony of Christ and what he has done for us will conquer any doubts that we have than any other thing. I invite everyone to watch it. I love you all and i hope that everyone has an awesome and miracle filled week. I will send one more email for Florida next week then i am off to the wonderful land of Argentina. Just remember everyone DON"T SEND MAIL. From Elder Cook

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