Monday, October 7, 2013

such a good ending to the week

Ahhh such a good ending to the week. Conference has always been that charge that you need to just feel energized for missionary work. I took some advice from my companion and had entered into Conference this time around more prepared than i think i have ever been before. Spiritually, mentally, and physically. It was just a really cool experience for me. One of my favorite quotes from conference was from Uchtdorf. "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" I know that in this moment i really don't need it because i am on a mission and my testimony has never been stronger, but i know that as i teach i can use that to better help my investigators know that our faith, if established, can face all challenges. Doubt the doubts before you doubt your faith.
  Well we had a really cool experience this last week. We were going out this last friday to chilis because we were going out to celebrate in a way for the week that we had. As we had entered we were sat down by a guy who said to us "Come on elders follow me" We were quite surprised that he knew us by Elder. Well we were sat down and he told us that he had been raised in the Church in Idaho, moved down to Florida when he was fifteen and had since then become less active. His wife is a non-member and has her own church. He is the General Manager as well at the Chilis and usually works sundays so he himself can't make it to Church often. Well after that point lets just say it was such a cool experience. We were treated so well. The GM, Matt, made sure that we were taken care of. It was just a cool experience. The thing is that you never know where the Lord will put you when he needs you. Especially as missionaries i have seen that the Lord puts me in places a lot just to affect a person once in their lives. To give them that help they need at that moment. I know that Matt may not be full reactivated because he saw us a Chilis, but what he may have needed was to see that he still had a care for the Church, just to see the representatives of Jesus Christ. Just a cool little experience.
   Other than that, I finally got some news on the Visa this week. We got a call this last wednesday from the Office missionaries and they told me that they had received some paper work for me to do. It was a renewal for the FBI clearance and another visa paper. I am not forgotten. I had to get my Fingerprints redone and then sign some more paper work. I am hoping that this means i will be moving out soon and it means that they haven't forgotten about me here in Florida. I know I still have some time to wait here, but i know that the Lord is putting me here more than just to wait. He is having me work my heart out to get me ready for whatever is ahead.
  I love you all and i hope to you all enjoyed Conference as much as i did. Just remember that we need to do more than just listen, but to get the must out of what we listened is going home and applying them in our daily lives. I love you all and i hope that you all have a wonderful miracle filled week.
  From Elder Cook

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