Monday, October 28, 2013

Argentina is SO COOL!

Hello from the Southern Part of the Hemisphere! Argentina is SO COOL! I am falling in love with the culture here with only being here for a few days. The flight and travel was long. i think i didn´t get to Cordoba until Thursday late afternoon. We stopped off in Buenos Aires because we had to talk about some of the Visa stuff that is happening. I only have a 90 day visa for Argentina. But this is a decision made by the church to get all the Visa Waiters into Argentina, and it worked. 42 Visa Waiters came into Argentina in one day. Crazy. The mission opened up 22 new areas just to fit us all into the mission. Any way, i have only 90 days here, but the thing is during those 90 days they are going to try to change my visa status to a kind of residency, they didn´t give us everything, but all i know is that they are working super hard to make sure that we can stay here. So To the Work. I was called to Open up a new area called Rio Segundo 2. Or One half of an area that was already established. The great thing is my Companion Elder Mayne, has been in Rio Segundo for the past 5 months of his Mission. We are getting along so well. He is super cool and pretty much awesome. We get along together so well. The best part is, that we are both From Utah and both about the same times in our mission. We are feeling up to the challenge of opening up this area, and just can´t wait to see what we have in store for us, and we know the Lord has a lot for us. We will with the other Elders who Cover the other half of Rio Segundo. It makes for some super fun down time when you have four elders living together. We have a lot of fun together. Especially since the last couple of days, we hadn´t figured out how to split the area, so we went in a group of four to every visit so both me and the other Visa Waiter that is new, could meet all the investigators because we didn´t know how to split the area. It made for some cool conversations because a lot of people started asking questions of why 4 guys were walking around Rio Segundo in White shirts and ties. Met a lot of cool people that way. Also the thing that i really like about this mission is that most of the areas that you serve in are walking areas. I am in a walking ara right now and it is super cool. I love walking you get to meet so many people. Legs get a little sore at night, but i just love it. I really just hit the pillow and i am out. I Love it here. I truly do feel as if i am finally Home. So another best part about being here is the Food. OHHH man the food here is sooo good. I have had a lot of Empanadas, Carne, and a sandwich called a Lomito. SUPER good. I have been told that some of the best food in the mission can be found here in Rio Segundo. I am super happy. i haven´t had my First Asada yet, but everyone has offered it to us so i am guessing that i will be having one of those soon. I will tell you all about that when that time comes around. Other than that, i don´t know much to say. The Food is Great, The People are great, My companion is Amazing, and i couldn´t be anymore happier to be where i am right now. I love it here and i knew that it might take a while to be where i am at, but i know that i am supposed to be here at this time. Florida was amazing and i loved it, but i also just can´t help but feel as if i am at home. When i flew over Cordoba i almost couldn´t just hlep but feel the spirit to know that someone in this city is looking for the Gospel, and i might be the person to bring it to them. I am sorry that i don´t have any pictures this week. I will be sending them all next week. I love you all and i hope that you all have an amazing week, i know i will! From Elder Cook

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