Monday, November 4, 2013

So first off. I am loving it here in Rio Segundo

So first off. I am loving it here in Rio Segundo. We split up the area this week officially and we are working hard to get this area established and rolling. Elder Mayne and I have truly been like work horses. We work all day to find, teach and baptize in an area with only 3 members and before last week, no investigators. We now have 15 Investigators and half of those came from one find. It was so cool, because what happened was we were walking down the street one night trying to find some people to teach. We passed by this group of people that were chillin outside, drinking their Mate, which is very common in Rio Segundo after 7 o'clock. Well we passed them the first time but i had a feeling we should go talk so i went back, we started talking and we talked for an hour and a half. That hour and a half was filled with teaching the gospel and just talking about life and why two gringos were walking around in Argentina. There were 7 people there and two different families and they all wanted to hear from us again. It is so cool. You see miracles like that every day out on the mission. Other than that we have just been working super hard to establish our area this last week. My Companion and I are also working really well together. It is so crazy because even as we are both pretty new into the mission we are working our hardest and coming to see some fo the greatest miracles of both of our missions. Elder Mayne is a super cool elder too. As we walk and talk about our lives we find that we have a lot in common with each other. Sometimes too much it gets scary. We both are here for the same reasons and it almost seems that we are both here to just learn and grow from each other. We work in Harmony and work like work horses. We get the job done. I look at what we have done together in this last week, and i just cant help but be amazed and what happens when two young men come together and put their faith in the lord to put them in the places where they need to be. Then we get together and celebrate our hard work with Asado al Horno or Salted steak cooked in the oven for a long period of time, Elder Mayne is telling me that what we had was good, but the true asados are where you see yourself gaining weight but you don't care because it is just too delicious. Other adventures of the week...So today actually we came down in to Centro Cordoba where everything Cordoba is located. It is like a gigantic shopping mall. We saw street performers, gigantic catholic cathedrals, and went shopping in some of the coolest stores. I haven't bought anything too special yet but i am feeling more Latino now that i own three fĂștbol jerseys . They are super cheap down here. Also something that happened this week was the little rain storm we had. nothing like in Florida, but with only dirt roads and lots of rain makes for a really muddy day. I still had a great time and everything. Just really dirty. We even had to help a member displace the lake in front of his house. YAY! Anyway i love you all and i am loving my time here! till next time. Elder Cook

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