Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh man time flies way too fast

Oh man time flies way too fast. The transfer is going into its final week and speculations are flying around to who will leave and who will stay. We are all pretty sure both of us newbies of Argentina are going to be staying in Rio Segundo, but both of us are no where near sure if our companions will stay or not. We will be getting the calls this Saturday night so we will have to see. This week was for sure a crazy one. We had a lot of different things that made it so we were not in our area but to me it was all a bit of fun for a bit. I learned a lot. For example this last Monday after preparation Day we had a Zone activity where we were challenged to go out and Contact people in ways that would overcome our fears. Each way had a point value and who ever had the most points at the end of the night would get a kilo of Ice Cream. We didn´t win but it sure was fun trying to figure out ways to stop a car in the middle of the street to contact them. We were trying to find a place where we could start singing hymns to a group of people but time reached an end before we could do it. Also another really cool thing happened this week. We ended up setting up a Lunch appointment with our Branch President. One of the things about him is that he doesn´t live in our area. He lives about an Hour away basically in the city of Cordoba. Well we asked him if we could go over for lunch and have a meeting to talk about the efforts on our side of Rio Segundo. Well lets just say it was one of the best lunches I have had yet. Our president is the owner of a meat factory so he ended up bringing meat to cook for an Asado. Ohhhh it was so good. I am continuing to find that Argentina has some of the most amazing food. I was even able to try out morcilla(blood sausage) i am actually quite a fan of it, as long as it is from pig and cold. I am not a fan of it cooked. It was also a good meeting, but my first asado sure made for a great day. We have had a super good time together my companion and I. This last Wednesday we had a day filled with service opportunities. We finished up a 3 and half metro hole that we are helping a member build for his bathroom. We have been building this thing for the past 3 weeks and finally he said he would be done with it. After that we went and made cinnamon rolls with our neighbors of the church. a bakery called El Chileno. It was a super good time because during this time we had some time to talk to him about the message we have and also he introduced us to his friend while they were cooking so we were able to teach his friend during that time was well. Some cool experiences come out of service. Anyway, i have been super excited because this week is Dia De Gracias, or thanksgiving. Yeah they don´t really celebrate it here, but i have found my own personal ways to keep the spirit alive in my heart. I have truly been tankful for everything that i have and been voicing it to my companion and to my heavenly father during my prayers. It is a great time to be thankful for what we have, and i am super thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we have. I have seen it bring comfort in time of sorrow, strength in the time of weakness, and the help to change from worse to amazing. I know of the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ, and it is something of greatness. I know Christ established this Gospel for us, and when we follow his example we will find true happiness. I love you all and Happy thanksgiving. From Elder Cook PS i can´t send pictures this week i will send them the next love you all

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