Monday, November 18, 2013

We have had nothing but work work work this week

What a week. We have had nothing but work work work this week. The surprising thing was last week we learned that we had surprise Zone Conference this last week. IT WAS SUPER COOL. I loved it This zone conference was one of the coolest experiences that i have ever had on my mission yet. It made me fall in love with my President and his Wife. After this i can´t help but realize how much they love their missionaries and wanting the best for us and the mission. During this conference the stuff they told us just made me realize so much i could do to help out the area. We are going out and starting to share the Christmas Message as a contacting strategy because of this Zone Conference. We haven´t had a lot of super good success in getting in doors recently and with our Presidents motto of "You Fix It" has struck my companion and i donw to the core to thinking about what we can do to help our area the most. Another cool part of this week was we were able to go help out in making Empenadas for the Panderia next door to our church. they taught my companion and i how to make three different types of empanada's. The Arebes(Triangle empanadas special to Cordoba) ones are so far my favorite. the best part of them is the fact is the meat isn't cooked like most of them. It is cooked with tomatoes and peppers in lemon and then cooks in the lemon juice for hours. That is where the siesta comes in handy. Make them in the morning let them soak in the juice until the night where they can bake them. Crazy. I am making notes so i can come back and make them when i get back so we can enjoy the taste of Cordoba empanadas. Other interesting things that happened was the fact that we had exchanges this week with the zone leaders. They are super cool. We split up our area in half and the zone leaders did splits with us and we went and conquered the area for the day. Four missionaries working a super small area of Rio Segundo. It was super cool though because that day we just saw sooo many miracles of people just ready to accept the Gospel of Christ in their lives. My companion and I are finally getting in the swing of things here in the new area but we just keep learning together as the time goes on. Like this last weekly planning session we were trying to figure out what we could do in our contacts to make them better and open up the hearts of those who just don´t want to listen at first. During this session we took it to the lord and learned that the way that we could truly help this are is by service and taking advantage of the Christmas season that is coming in full swing down here(Even though the 80 degree weather doesn´t make it feel like it). We are going to start sharing the wonderful birth of Jesus Christ down here in Argentina and hoping that it gets us out into the eyes of the area not as Jehovah Witnesses and also as friends in Christ. We will see how that goes. also something fun. I gave my first talk completely in Spanish in Church this last Sunday. We knew that two of us were going to give talks this last Sunday but we didn´t know which two out of the four of us in the ward. So all four of us prepared talks just in case but then 5 minutes before sacrament we were told that both me and Elder Swaintson(the other new elder to the area) were the chosen speakers. Super cool. It was a cool experience just to see where i was at in my Spanish and also just a super cool experience to see how much the Lord is willing to help those who ask. The gift of tongues is real people. Well i love you all and i can testify to you all that the Work is truly hastening and as President Monson said "The Time is Now" there is no better time then now to help those who need it. I love you all. Elder Cook

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