Monday, November 11, 2013

I am tired to the bone

Wow, what a week. I am tired to the bone but the Lord sure just keeps me moving forward. Opening up an area is sure one of the hardest things i have done so far, but the lord blesses us with so many tools that we can almost feel overwhelmed with what we have in front of us. This week has been super cool though, lots of finding but none the less productive. Our Branch President has a list made up of 60 potentials of people that were contacted in one day. He has given us direction to basically hit up this list as many times as we can. It can sometimes be tiring to try and talk to the same people every day, but we have seen miracles from it. For example one of the ladies that were from the list Came to church yesterday. We weren't even thinking that she would come because of what she told us in the last visit with her, but she came. It made both me and my comps day. Other than that this week has ben super wet week. We have had a lot of rain which makes for some muddy roads and a fun time. My coat sure has come in hand more than one occasion. The rain here is weird because what will happen is it all starts off with just a mist. You walk through and after being outside for 30 minutes you will find yourself wet so we talk our coats to keep everything dry. The thing that makes it worse is that if that wetness gets inside the apartment, it stays humid in the apartment. We have found that our books and papers are starting to wrinkle in our apartment. We try to keep the fans going all through the night and when we are gone to keep it from being too humid. So This week also has been a super cool week for me and my comp because we saw a spark arise out of the ward this week. We received more member help than ever before this week. We were just sitting at church and members were just piling on us to come over to there house or just asking if we could come with them to meet one of their friends or just to tell us one of their friends are interested. It was so cool. We may have not seen super good fruits out of tracting, but we did see some super cool miracles in the ways of the members. Another cool miracle we saw was figuring that god places you in certain places for a reason. So on Saturday we were trying to find a less active member before a member meal that we had. We had about an hour before and we had made plans to see this less active at one of two spots her house or her business. She wasn´t at either, so we went to our back up plans which were tract. We tracted a few doors not a lot of success. We then knocked one door and this man opens the door we ask to share the message and he welcoming said yes come on in. We sat down had a talk with him and his daughter, and the spirit just was so strong. Truly shows the work of the lord. He put us in the place of the less active members house not so we could teach her, but to teach him. I love this work and i know that i have seen the hand of the lord push me up and push me forward. Even when my feet and body want to stop and even ask myself "how am i walking" i know it is the lord that is keeping me going. When we keep doing what we need to do, we will be able to walk and not faint run and not be weary. I love you all. Hasta el próxima semana. Se Amo. Elder Cook

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