Monday, September 30, 2013

AHHHH! October is here!

AHHHH! October is here! i can't even believe it. General Conference is coming up this week and to think i was in the MTC when the last broadcast happened. I can't believe it. I just feel like this mission is going to disappear like a blink of an eye. The days can seem long, the weeks go by way to fast, and the months just no longer exist.
 I am super excited for General Conference this week. We have just been getting everyone ready for it. Members, investigators, and Less Actives. Everyone. It is so cool to just to recognize the blessings that come from it. We have the wonderful opportunity to listen to a living Prophet. We are so blessed to get that.
So this last week we had the wonderful opportunity to do Temple Service. Which is really just us doing the yard work for the temple. Which in Florida, is quite easy. Weed Pulling is just a matter of fighting the amount of them, and mowing the lawn is only bad if the sun is out and shining. I had the opportunity to mow the lawn this last week and i had to say it was such a cool experience. You have the opportunity to just walk around the temple by yourself for a bit. We were allowed to be by ourselves just because it needed to be done. Still sight and sound from the other guy doing the mowing, but i mean mowing is kind of the thing where you aren't as social as the other possible jobs. I kind of liked it. Especially since it started raining, well more like a slight drizzle. It felt fantastic.
   Well being with Elder Baugh in this area has been a super huge blessing. Him and I have gotten to know each other super well. I wanted to write about an experience that i had with him this last week. Well we have been out of miles on our car this whole week so we have been sticking to bikes all week. Well this last week we had a scheduled appointment with some investigators of ours. Well about two miles away from their house, Elder Baugh's tire went flat. We decided that since we are only 2 miles away, we would just walk the rest fo the way. Well, God was testing to see how diligent we were that he sent a rain storm down on us. We started walking in Ankle deep water heading up a hill do our appointment. There was a point where i thought it would have been better just to turn around and wait out the storm at McDonalds, but Elder Baugh just kept walking. No matter what it was. He showed me what true diligence was. No matter what, he was willing to walk the hill, to teach these people. It truly showed me something that i don't think i had seen truly. Especially since when we got there the couple only had 5 minutes to be taught before heading out to a doctors appointment. It was a good and humbling experience.
 Well, i don't have that much time left before i have to get off the computer, but i love you all. Every single one of you. I hope that this week you will all enjoy conference as much as i know that i will. I am just getting super pumped up for the talks and revelation that i might receive. Thank you all for the love that you are sending. I feel it. Thank you and i love you all so much.
     Elder Cook

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