Monday, September 23, 2013

i wanted to expound on a little miracle that happened just yesterday

So i don't have too much time to write because of some other things that i have been required of us today before we emailed the family, but i just want every one to know that i am still safe. The rain storms are coming in this week but they only seem to last about 30 minutes, then die off. Yesterday we had just finished up church and we were about to leave when we realized that it was dumping outside. We would have been drenched if we would have ran out, but we decided to wait a bit to let it die down, it did thank goodness.
  Well i wanted to expound on a little miracle that happened just yesterday. Well this last week we have not had a lot of success with either finding people or teaching people. It actually came down to where all our solid investigators couldnt' meet us and all our members canceled on us. AGH! We just went out to tract the majority of the time, and it didn't give us a lot of results. But the Lord blesses hard work and diligence. Yesterday we were going to church when we got a text message to get to church right away. Apparently their was a set of English missionaries who had been working with a member to get him involved in Missionary work and he promised that he would start talking to his neighbor. Well yesterday that neighbor followed him to church without him knowing and sat in on the ward. She is Guatamalan and we hope to be seeing her this week. She was so willing to meet with us and hopefully meet with her family as well. Super cool miracels that happen everyday! Love being a missionary!
   Well, Other than that this week upcoming week is goign to be super cool. We in this zone have the opprotunity to help with the temple grounds every once in a while and our districts turn is this next thursday. I love doing service at the temple. May not get to go inside but hey atleast i get to look at the wonderful beauties of the design from the outside. Cool part is though i get to do that on a regular basis because our church building is right across the street from the temple. I haven't been able to get any good pictures, but some will be coming soon.
  Another cool thing about this area is the ward is just so awesome. I love this ward. They invite the missioanries to everything! We are able to go to basically every ward activity and it it truly helps gain trust in the ward. It is also a great opprotunity to have investigators come and meet the ward. We are playing Soccer on Saturdays and that is always fun. Not the best player but i am learning. We also were invited to a wedding reception this last week. Super fun. And we had a members kid get baptized yesterday. Another super cool experience.
   I love the work and i have only been shown miracles while i have been out here. I am getting super excited to hear General conference this next week. It is all anyone is talkign about. Always cool to listen to Prophets.
    I love you all and i hope that everyone sees a miracle in their life this week. It isn't hard when you actually think about it. If anything just write a posotive thing about what may have happened in your day and you may just see that a miracle happened. It works. I love this Gospel!
   From your friendly neighborhood missionary,
      Elder Cook

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