Monday, September 2, 2013

Hey family!

Hey familly!

    Well, this week has been super good but somewhat slow. As we approach the end of this transfer the Visa question starts popping up again. The members are starting to ask even more and more. My district leader is guessing that i am out of the area which probably means i would be out to Argentina. I am starting to wonder myself, but i am starting to not care as much as i am starting to just get more and more into the work.

  The one cool thing that i am really excited to talk about is our one super positive investigator Iris. She is getting baptized on the 20th of this month which is super exciting for her. We have been teaching her all the lessons again and she has expressed a deeper desire and understanding of the Gospel which is super cool. As i see it, i might not be here to see it, but i am just super excited for her. She doesn't like change though which just makes things super hard for anyone to come in.

 So this week wasn't super eventful though. We got a new car last week and this week we were able to drive in it for five straight days this week. It made for a pretty fun week to not have a van but to have a nice new ford fusion.

  This last week we had our District P-day and we went bowling which was super fun and got permision to watch 17 miracles which as always brings to memory of my ancestors and all the wonderful things that i have that sacrificed for the church. It makes me even prouder to know that i am out here spreading the gospel that my ancestors sacrificed for.

Well, i am super sorry but i don't know what else to write. It was a super good week. We worked hard. Met our goals. Then partied with our new car.

I love you all i am going to try to come a little more prepared this next week with a little more exciting news. Week 5 of transfers is usually slow for everybody so i apologize. Florida continues to be rainy, humid, and really not too exciting.

Elder Cook

 The leave your mark banner was somethign mad by our mission president. i will always be a part of the Florida Orlando mission forever. I left my finger print on it. Yay!

The family is a family from Guadamala who are only here for a short time. The woman is here till October. The man(her brother) left. It was super sad to see them go. I only knew them for a week. Love is such a weird thing on the mission. You end up loving and caring for so many people in such a short ammount of time.

The one with all the missionaries is us at the bowling alley.

Beautiful sunset in Florida.

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