Tuesday, September 17, 2013

  Well, This week has been filled with meeting new people, new members, and new investigators. I have come into a Ward that had already been worked very hard and have been blessed with 5 investigators already working towards Baptism. One of them finally received a date just Yesterday in fact!  There was a less-active family that missionaries have been working with and it ended up being that one of their Kids was 9 years old. Well missionaries have been teaching this 9 year old kid for about 4 months now and the family is coming back to church and their child wants to be Baptized. Just yesterday we confirmed a date for the 20th of October which is super awesome. It is super cool to see miracles like that.  We have two other couples that we are teaching and Elder Baugh was quite surprised to see a change in them since the last time he had seen them. He said that this transfer they probably will both be baptized. It is super cool to see the Lord’s hand in preparing those who are ready to receive the Gospel. Sharing this happiness is just one of the bonuses of being a missionary.
  Besides all that, it has been a super cool week. As I told everyone last week I was transferred into a new area in the Orlando Mission, still Spanish speaking. One of the cool opportunities though that I had this week was to get to meet a lot of the Ward Members before Sunday came rolling around. First off they had a Ward party the first night I was there so I got to meet the Bishop, the Ward Mission leader, and a majority of the Ward Members in one night. Then we had another Ward activity on Friday where I got to get to know the members that I had met on Tuesday a little better. The cool thing was, I was speaking a lot more Spanish and understanding more Spanish than I had realized in the past. The part that made me realize this the most was when Sunday came around. The ward that I am serving in now is a complete Spanish Ward which made for an interesting Sunday. Nothing but Spanish all around me. It was interesting though because when it started, it threw me off for a second. Then as I listened I had realized how much of it I was actually understanding. Then they asked all the new missionaries in the ward to stand up and bare their testimonies to the Ward so they could get to know us. Well I got up and was quite surprised on how confident I was when I started speaking. I bore my testimony and sat down. It was one of those profound moments when you know this Church is true because the Gift of Tongues was blessing my life. True Gifts of the Spirit right there.
   Anyway, another thing that made for an interesting week was the fact that Elder Baugh and I are setting up our area at the moment. Last transfer they had made this Ward into one area just because of a lack of Spanish missionaries, but this transfer they split it back into two with us on the West side and a set of Sister missionaries on the East side. The Ward has been so accepting of these Sister Missionaries it is insane to watch their love pour out. The first ward party I was talking about, well they were there and the Ward just couldn't stop talking to them. They were taking pictures with them and everything. They were sure welcomed into the ward.
   Anyways, other than that I don't know what much to say. I am super loving the area I’ve moved to.  I am excited to be With Elder Baugh again. (He was one of the missionaries that welcomed me to Florida as one of my first companions and we get along great) We are going to have fun. Work our hearts out and just go out and make sure we are doing the things the Lord wants us to do. I love you all and I hope that this week everyone can see a miracle in their life. I promise everybody that they are there and they happen around all of us every day, we just have to notice them.

   Elder Cameron Cook

(Sorry no pictures this week, with the whole move I couldn't find the card reader, and to answer your question, my mailing address is still the same since it's to the mission home.  We aren't supposed to have the mail sent to our actual door address because we aren't home to receive packages.  So the Satellite Drive one is still the correct one to use for snail mail)

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