Monday, September 9, 2013

The Lord knows where i need to go

So, i am still in Florida. Probably will be for a while longer. The Lord knows where i need to go and now he has told me to go to a different ward here in Florida. I will be heading up to the Windyridge Ward. I will be going back up with my old companion Elder Baugh again. He called me this morning to set some things up and give me a rundown of what was going on in the Area. I am super excited because i will be in an All Spanish ward, i get to have an opprotunity to serve next to the Orlando temple, and i get to be in an awesome area. I have heard only good things about the Windyridge area. Still keeping in the Spanish work though. Always good.
   This week has been a super crazy week. With Transfers coming up everyone is on the antsy side of things. Especially me because if i was going to hear anything about the Visa it was this week. I didn't hear anything but one thing, Elder Politio(My companion) was training next transfer. This meant that either we were going to be a Three-Man again, or i was leaving. Well, they took our third bed the week before and we hadn't heard about anything of getting a new one. This just meant i was probably going to leave. So we tried our hardest to make this a good week. I have grown to love Elder Polito and it will be sad to see him go. We may have had some rough spots, but what companionship doesn't. You learn to grow from each other.
  This last week i saw a couple of cool miracles. One specifically on exchanges with my District Leader. We were going to go teach a lady that i had tracted into on another exchange the day before. Well we went to go teach her and she let us in. Even had her two daughters sit down and listen to us. We started teaching her and learned that she was of the Hindu Religion. She listened intently to our lesson and after wards she basically told us that she believed every word we told her and we got a return appointment. Return appointment for the English Elders of course. It was a super cool lesson and super cool. Goes to show that the lord is continually preparing his Children.
   Other than that we had a few cool experiences this week. I had three exchanges both of which were with Elder Child. He is a Visa waiter as well waiting to go to Cordoba as well. He isn't taking this Reassignment very well. Partly because he was reassigned to an English area. I know that can be hard. I am very blessed to be where i am and to be serving where i am.
  I love all of you and i will be trying to get back to you a little more next week when i have a little more time. Transfer days are always a little hectic.
       Elder Cook

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