Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year everybody!

Happy New Year everybody! what a time of the year. A time to make goals and act upon them. I have been thinking a lot about what has happened in the last year but it is really hard to believe that about this time i was really itching to leave for the mission. Had the call, getting things ready, and only waiting for march to come around. And now a year has passed by. I am on the mission. Celebrating the major 3 holidays in Argentina with 3 people from completely different parts of South America. Who would have guessed. Speaking of the New year, ours was celebrated in one of the best ways that i could think was possible. We celebrated together as missionaries of Rio Segundo. We didn´t have the same permission as compared to Christmas to be out in the streets until 12 oclock but we decided as a pensino to celebrate it in our pension with a nice good ole Asado and some good old fun between us all. we came home after a good day of work and started to cook the meat of course. As we all prepared the things for our delicious meal we just had a ball all night long. I can´t describe how much i think that alone just helped us grow closer as missionaries here in Rio Segundo. There is something special about spending these holiday times together. The strange part was i usually imagined this time to be with Members, but in all reality i couldn´t have asked for anything better than what we had together that night. We were all awake at 12 oclock to celebrate the new year and just watch what we could from the windows or our pension. The fireworks were amazing. I couldn´t have asked for anything better. The second best thing was the miracle that we had the next day. Our president has kind of set a new goal for this next upcoming year. He has challenged us all as missionaries of the Cordoba Mission to search for Ideal Situations for our investigators. Especially to find teach and baptize a family in one month. To find in the first week, teach in 2, and baptize in the final week of the month. We as a companionship made it our goal to find this family in any way shape or form that we could think of. Knocking doors, asking members, formers, whatever we could do. We were blessed this week with a miracle. A family that had talked to missionaries about 8 years ago. A family that when the last time they had talked to missionaries they were still a new couple with their oldest at the age of 5. Now a nice calm family that wants the Spirit that we bring as missionaries back into their house. The strange thing was, we couldn´t find their house in the beginning. We passed it like 4 times before we found it. They admitted to us in our next visit every time we passed by they were wishing that we were there to talk to them. It is crazy. They are super cool family. They invited us over to eat with them tomorrow. It is strange how fast you start feeling the pure love of christ enter into your heart when all you want is the best for the people you serve. Anyway, this is the last week of the transfer and our District leader is telling me that i need to start prepping for a weird transfer. I am pretty sure that i am going to be staying but you never know. I don´t really want to leave. I have fallen in love with Rio Segundo. The people, the feeling, and just the branch that i am serving. I love every single one of them for their faults and strengths. it may be that we are a small branch of a this grand church of ours, but the smallest of seeds can grow out of a strong rock. I still prepare myself for the things that may pass in the next week and what news we will receive, but non the less i am going to work my heart out and hope for the best. I love you all and i hope all of you are starting off your new year with a running start. I feel like that is what i am doing, but in the life of a missionary, you aren´t really allowed to stop working. I love it. Elder Cook

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