Monday, January 13, 2014

Transfer Days have come and gone and so have I to Barrio Jardín

Transfer Days have come and gone and so have I. I was called to a different area. A very sad filled weekend saying goodbye to investigators, members, and basically all of the good friendships that i had made during my time in Rio Segundo. And now for the news of where i am now. I am in the City of Cordoba. not in down town but more city than the fields of Rio Segundo. It is called Barrio Jardín. it is basically a little city connected to the main city. I am like 15 minutes away from the center of the city. a lot different. I have a new companion as well. His name is Elder Gomez, he is from Paraguay as well. Two companions from Paraguay there are only 7 in the mission. What luck do i have. anyways i am quite excited, as much as it was sad to say goodbye to friends and basically family i am now in a new area. This week was just filled with a lot of different things to do. With the new year basically a lot of things are being established. New goals, new things to do, new things to work with and everything. The first thing was establishing the branch in Rio Segundo. We were working a lot with him to establish the missionary work in our little town. It was super cool to work with him up close and personal. He is a really nice guy who has a huge vision. The other thing was we tried to put everything into this week because we thought that one of us might leave. We didn´t know who but someone. It ended up being that Elder Aquino and I left our area to the other two elders that were there but we worked our butts off to make sure that who ever was going to be working in the area had something to work with. We ended up finding a super cool family in our efforts. A family of 4 people who as well had been investigating the church for a long period of time. We ended up finding them and once again having a true desire to have the missionaries back in their house. they basically think the missionaries as their kids and have had missionaries celebrate birthdays festivities and all of those kind of things in their house before. They were waiting to be married but something happened where they weren´t ready at that moment and now we are back to work with them. I know that i can´t really be part of that anymore, but maybe one day. Anyways besides the new area, nothing really too exciting happened. After all the festivities and all that these weeks have been pretty calm. I love it all, sad to leave an area that i love with all my heart but hey, the lord needs me here. Elder Cook the picture of the family is the Chilenos. They are the ones that have the bakery next to the chapel. and the other is just a funny pciture of the fields of Rio Segundo. There are horses every where. more member picture sof the members in Rio Segundo. and the other with all of the missionaries is the one with the family that we were wth for christmas

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